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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Third time timeliness

Is it the new blog design or my recent good mood that makes me want to update on time? I’m trying to finish up this week’s and then keep going backwards but I think that’s probably too ambitious hahaha.

Myojo Spicy Lobster Hot Pot

Myojo Spicy Lobster Hot Pot cup noodles for lunch, courtesy of my mum. It’s actually quite good. Anyway, worked from home today and then went to take a long nap after my shift.

Yesterday (Oct 2) was funny. We were at lunch and I ordered sambal beef rice from the zi char stall. Told the chef there that I wanted the egg to be runny and half-cooked like “last time”. I think my Mandarin must really suck (he wasn’t even PRC and looks as young as me) because he was like, “Cut in half?” I decided to show him a picture instead.

beef fried rice toa payoh

This was the beef fried rice I ordered from the same stall weeks ago (Sep 23 to be exact). Takeaway because I was doing an afternoon shift and the lady boss showed me the perfect egg before packing it. She said it wasn’t peak hour (4pm+)  so they didn’t have to rush. Still perfect even after I returned to office and somehow it really made my day!

Anyway the chef laughed when I showed him my picture. He later brought my food over and asked, “Can?” It wasn’t as flawless-looking but still runny the way I liked it. Eggs are awesome… so is beef.

sambal beef rice toa payoh

Nazreen said, “Omg why he so shy like flirting with you?” I told her about my request then she said I stressed him out with my high expectations hahaha.

Anyway I really like their food! The stall is called Hua Jie Kitchen and located at 978 Toa Payoh North, Level 2 where Big Bern’s American Grill is. The air-conditioned kopitiam serves better teh peng than any of the other coffeeshops near my office.

gochapon hamster singapore

CK gave me this hamster gochapon a few days ago and it’s soooo cute!!! I was skeptical when he said it’s meant to cling onto your cups and glasses but I did a search and apparently it’s a trend in Japan. Now I want the whole set…

hamster gochapon cup

Can’t believe it’s $5 for one tiny thing like that though! The hamster gochapon machine is in Orchard and CK said it’s the only one in Singapore.

Love looking at my office desk 🙂 Featuring some of my favourite buys from my Europe trip: Eiffel tower from my tour guide, musical box from Switzerland, small Swiss army knife, coloured sand from Dubai, Paris cup from a petrol station, coin box from London.

Bought lots more till I had luggage problems but the rest are at home or given away. Oh and the wine was given to me when I was still an intern I think? I told the rest we could drink it on New Year when it turns a decade old!

smoothie king selfie

Smoothie King and dinner after work yesterday. I cannot take selfies with my own phone anymore ever since cracking the screen 🙁 This is from Yukai’s iPhone.

Oh and remember my previous post? Just Acia replied to my feedback. Hope I managed to make someone’s day at least.

just acia feedback

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