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Good service

Another nice day because I slept in, did some online reading and looked up stuff on Seoul. Then went shopping and had dinner with my family. Simple pleasures 🙂

Anyway we ate at Just Acia (Sembawang Shopping Centre outlet) and I haven’t been there in over a year. So I was really surprised because their food quality has improved quite a bit and even the portions are a lot more generous. They even have ‘homemade milk tea’ now which I really love. Oh and yogurt too.

Just Acia spicy chicken set meal

Spicy chicken and the serving is at least twice as much as it used to be.

Just Acia spicy chicken

We all ordered our own sets but shared everything. One of my favourite parts about eating as a family 🙂 Food is best when shared!

Just Acia sweet and sour fish

Sweet and sour fish which was pretty terrific because the outside is sooo crispy despite the yummy sauce. My bro took the last piece and I asked if I could have the crispy end. He said no but gave it to me anyway 😀

He had bulgogi beef ramen and the numerous beef slices were thick yet tender. Below is some spinach egg tofu. And we had free flow ice cream too.

Just Acia spinach egg tofu

I was really impressed by how much Just Acia has improved. Credit where credit is due so I gave positive feedback via Just Acia’s website.

I hardly ever post complaints unless I’m really angry but I do make an effort to commend good service because it always makes my experience so much more delightful. And who doesn’t like to hear nice things instead of bad ones? People these days complain way too much but are so stingy with kind words.

In terms of good service, I think one of my best experiences was at Northpoint’s Challenger. It’s over a year ago but I still remember it.

Basically the 300 files were all movies (500+ now) and entire cartoon series (he made fun of me for the latter lol). Imagine how upset I would be if they were forever gone after all the time I spent downloading them (which is a lot as I’m super OCD and will download multiple files just to compare quality and pick the better one).

He brought my hard disk home and spent three days out of his own time transferring the files over to my second hard disk. I thought he was a godsend when he returned me everything intact. Totally deserving of the five minutes I spent to leave feedback.

Anyway, here’s what service and the locals are like in the countries I’ve travelled to:

  • London: Impeccable manners. Everyone, male or female, called me ‘darling’
  • Taiwan: Impeccable manners. They bow 90 degrees even when you leave a store without buying anything
  • Bangkok: Mostly polite except for a few bitchy ones
  • Phuket: Rather rude and out to scam you as much as possible
  • Hong Kong: Quite horrible (still love visiting there though)
  • New Zealand: Nice but not accurate as I was a guest so it was like their job
  • Europe: Nice but I didn’t interact with locals much. Really surprised in Paris when this well-groomed guy whom I asked for directions was super helpful and all smiles because I assumed the locals were snotty
  • Dubai: Women gave me dirty looks for wearing shorts, local men were indifferent, foreign men were almost overly nice

Cheers to expanding this list by travelling more!

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