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Sleep, shock, sian = Sunday

I got a shock when I woke up at 2pm today because I haven’t sleep in till this late for ages. Then again, I haven’t been sleeping at 6am in a while since my stamina is like crap now. Mostly it’s been 3am+ to 8am+ (and 11am+ for weekends).

Everytime when I’m not working the following day, I tell myself that I’m going to party all night with my laptop and I even look forward to it. Except on those days I conk out earlier than usual… like 8pm kind of earlier than usual. And then it’s the opposite for when I have to work: Tell myself I’m gonna turn in earlier but it never happens.

Sleep is complicated.

Finished another manga yesterday, planned to watch something before going to bed at 3plus but I ended up browsing Hana Yori Dango blogs till it was much later. When I finally reached my bed, I watched two episodes of Meteor Garden. Finished Season 1 this afternoon!

I swear I am so fucking obsessed with this fandom. I need to watch all the other anime, drama and film adaptations. Hana Yori Dango is perfection.

I’m like in the manga phase now. Haven’t read anything from Fictionpress for ages. When I am in one of my so-called phases, I have no ‘feel’ to do anything but whatever I am into at that moment hahaha.

To be honest, all mangas are the same and all fics are the same. The same type of male and female characters, the same kind of love triangles, the same obstacles in the way relationship’s way. It’s like they all follow a structure. But even then, I can’t get enough of these guilty pleasures.

There aren’t many things that I feel super strongly about. Delena is like on this crazily high level on a pedestal because I feel so passionately about them (Vampire Diaries too but I think that’s also partly due to loyalty since the show’s plot can be pretty shit at times).

Hunger Games isn’t too far below. I thought I was over it but I cried while watching an old TV spot on YouTube few days back, hence the tweet above. Sometimes, things just stick with you forever.

I enjoyed The Fault In Our Stars, both the book and film were good. They even had me first cry at the same scene. But maybe because I didn’t fangirl over it with the Tumblr fandom unlike the above two (which I followed during the years I was active on Tumblr), I wouldn’t say I love it? It’s touching and it made me cry a lot, but I don’t feel that attached to it.

But for the few things I do feel an intense amount of love for, it’s like…

Watched Tarzan (2013) which is like a shitty combination of Disney’s Tarzan and Avatar earlier this afternoon too. On a regular weekend when I don’t leave the house, I can actually watch four movies in a row. That’s what I keep wanting to do nowadays. Didn’t get a chance to yesterday or today though.

Had to start on this blog advertorial which I accepted because it didn’t require attending anything (I have been getting so many invitations for blog events but I didn’t accept any because of the time clashing or think I could commit)… Nearly finished so that’s good.

Then I spent another hour preparing stuff for work tomorrow. One more week of work before I am going on three weeks straight of well-deserved leave (gotta clear all our leave by end of August) so yay 😀

And now it’s 11pm which means the day is ending. Super sian Sunday. I’m gonna to stay up till it’s ridiculously late, do ridiculous fangirl things, and wake up feeling ridiculously crap.

Okay? Okay.

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