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95% funding for PSB Academy diplomas


Hi guys! It’s been awhile… but I’ve been busy trying to attain work-life balance hahaha. As some of you might know, I’ve been wanting to continue with my studies (without leaving my job). So I’ve been looking up courses, info and whatnot online from various schools.

One school that caught my eye was PSB Academy. Most of you would have heard of it and want to know more, but don’t know where to start looking. Just like me when I was browsing through my options! So this blog entry is designed to help you out.

What is PSB Academy?

PSB Academy
With a rich history of more than 50 years, PSB Academy offers both full-time and part-time courses, from certificates and diplomas to degrees — all of which will help you advance in both your education and career as they are widely recognised by renowned universities around the world.

Of course, any one can easily say that without backup. But here’s what you don’t know:


This says so much more, doesn’t it?

However, it is not just what they can offer you in terms of end results when it comes to picking a school. Education should also be a well-rounded and fulfilling experience, agree? PSB Academy doesn’t just offer you academic excellence. They also have…

– A full-fledged campus that’s well-equipped with facilities






Spacious classrooms and laboratories, a Student Hub, courts for basketball and soccer, a huge library and even a gym. These are just a few of many other things you can find on the PSB campus. Take a virtual tour here!

– A well-rounded and vibrant student life

Leadership development programmes, Student Council, Student Associations based on your nationalities, sports clubs, interest groups, cultural and festival events, talent competitions, parties and more. You name it, they have it.

Forget the notion that it’s hard to make friends once you graduate from secondary school, as there are nothing but opportunities to do so here. You get to know loads of people and nurture your interests.

There’s something for everybody and you will never feel like you don’t belong.

– Academic staff strength of over 600 lecturers and associates

PSB Academy

People who are good at what they do. Besides being dedicated to student care and guidance, they also offer academic consultation outside of the classroom at no additional costs, personal counselling, disability support and more.

And now, I would like to introduce one particular programme that PSB Academy is offering: a Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Interested in the running of hotels and resorts, travelling, meeting and communicating with people? Want to work in fields related to tourism, leisure, recreation and hospitality? This course is for you and will help pave the way to a career where prospects are endless.


Some useful knowledge and skills (all of which are essential to the working world) that you will pick up during the course are:

– Financial accounting
– Accommodation operations
– Operation and management of food service
– Marketing for tourism and hospitality
– Communication in business

Other information about the programme:

1. Duration of 12 months (both full-time and part-time)
2. A total of 8 modules
3. For O/N/A-level/ITE holders

4. Full-time intakes 2014 : Jan, Mar, Jun, Aug, Oct
5. Part-time intakes 2014 : Jan, Mar, May, Aug, Oct
Which means the next intake for this year is August!!

6. Graduates who successfully complete the programme can gain entry into:
– The University of Newcastle, Australia
– Edinburgh Napier University, UK

And now for the best part! The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) is now offering up to 95% funding for all part-time diplomas at PSB!

Find out more about PSB’s Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management here.

the hotel drama

Anyway does anyone remember this MediaCorp drama (The Hotel 大酒店) from 2001?? Was writing this post and got reminded of it.

The show revolves around a group of people working in a hotel and their jobs always seemed so fun and glamarous to me!! I even once thought to myself that I wouldn’t mind working in a hotel because of this drama hahaha. So PSB’s Diploma in Tourism would be a good place to start 😀

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