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Sleep, shock, sian = Sunday

I got a shock when I woke up at 2pm today because I haven’t sleep in till this late for ages. Then again, I haven’t been sleeping at 6am in a while since my stamina is like crap now. Mostly it’s been 3am+ to 8am+ (and 11am+ for weekends).

Everytime when I’m not working the following day, I tell myself that I’m going to party all night with my laptop and I even look forward to it. Except on those days I conk out earlier than usual… like 8pm kind of earlier than usual. And then it’s the opposite for when I have to work: Tell myself I’m gonna turn in earlier but it never happens.

Sleep is complicated.

Finished another manga yesterday, planned to watch something before going to bed at 3plus but I ended up browsing Hana Yori Dango blogs till it was much later. When I finally reached my bed, I watched two episodes of Meteor Garden. Finished Season 1 this afternoon!

I swear I am so fucking obsessed with this fandom. I need to watch all the other anime, drama and film adaptations. Hana Yori Dango is perfection.

I’m like in the manga phase now. Haven’t read anything from Fictionpress for ages. When I am in one of my so-called phases, I have no ‘feel’ to do anything but whatever I am into at that moment hahaha.

To be honest, all mangas are the same and all fics are the same. The same type of male and female characters, the same kind of love triangles, the same obstacles in the way relationship’s way. It’s like they all follow a structure. But even then, I can’t get enough of these guilty pleasures.

There aren’t many things that I feel super strongly about. Delena is like on this crazily high level on a pedestal because I feel so passionately about them (Vampire Diaries too but I think that’s also partly due to loyalty since the show’s plot can be pretty shit at times).

Hunger Games isn’t too far below. I thought I was over it but I cried while watching an old TV spot on YouTube few days back, hence the tweet above. Sometimes, things just stick with you forever.

I enjoyed The Fault In Our Stars, both the book and film were good. They even had me first cry at the same scene. But maybe because I didn’t fangirl over it with the Tumblr fandom unlike the above two (which I followed during the years I was active on Tumblr), I wouldn’t say I love it? It’s touching and it made me cry a lot, but I don’t feel that attached to it.

But for the few things I do feel an intense amount of love for, it’s like…

Watched Tarzan (2013) which is like a shitty combination of Disney’s Tarzan and Avatar earlier this afternoon too. On a regular weekend when I don’t leave the house, I can actually watch four movies in a row. That’s what I keep wanting to do nowadays. Didn’t get a chance to yesterday or today though.

Had to start on this blog advertorial which I accepted because it didn’t require attending anything (I have been getting so many invitations for blog events but I didn’t accept any because of the time clashing or think I could commit)… Nearly finished so that’s good.

Then I spent another hour preparing stuff for work tomorrow. One more week of work before I am going on three weeks straight of well-deserved leave (gotta clear all our leave by end of August) so yay 😀

And now it’s 11pm which means the day is ending. Super sian Sunday. I’m gonna to stay up till it’s ridiculously late, do ridiculous fangirl things, and wake up feeling ridiculously crap.

Okay? Okay.

Feeling like old woman… ranting like one

Not even counting the time since I last updated anymore. I used to at least ‘feel like’ blogging and think about it. Even when I didn’t, I tried making plans as to when to blog, blog about what, preparing drafts. Now? Nada. Cannot be bothered!

I guess in the past, part of the reason why I wanted to blog was to flaunt my happiness and everything I had. Now I just don’t feel the need to anymore because I’m pretty content with what I have… plus time is also something I don’t have a lot of and it’s better spent on more meaningful things. I was wondering if another reason could be because I’m not as happy as I used to be (maybe, maybe not — it’s a double-edged sword) but then now even when good things happen, I keep them to myself.

Anyway as the title suggests, I feel like an old woman now. Because days I’m not working are so rare (and weekend + holiday shifts are doubly insane) that when they actually come, all I want to do is spend time alone doing my own things. Basically that means being a couch potato, reading fics, mangas and my Kindle, watching shows and movies, binge-eating and playing with my pets. That’s pretty much my idea of a good time now hahaha.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but it is so tiring and incredibly stressful at times. Though some days I feel motivated and like it’s all worth it. Was feeling vexed earlier this afternoon but everything fell into place a few hours later — all I needed was a little patience — and I was thinking to myself, “See, there was no need to fret as usual.”

I was away from work for a week at the start of May (including 3 days of leave) but all I mostly did was marathon the Saw (x7) and Final Destination (x5) movies. I always download so many movies but end up watching only the thrillers and horror ones, hehe.

Pretty impressed with Saw actually!! I’ve been avoiding it because of its notoriety with for gore (I like horror movies for their twists and suspense and unpredictability, and I hate those that rely on excessive gore and graphic violence instead) but turns out, they were so much more.

Most serial killer movies are so predictable and retarded but Saw actually had a proper storyline going on for all 7 installments! Plus I’d already read the plot synopsis for all of them on the Saw Wikia page so for me to still be surprised, it’s really something. Ok actually only the first movie is worth raving about… but the rest were still average and interesting aka better than most movies out there.

Freaking love the theme song that plays at the end of each installment when the twist is revealed. Then I’ll be like :O!! Hmm some didn’t really make sense. 3 was pretty horrid and 7’s only redeeming point was the return of 1’s survivor… but still. It wasn’t what I’d expected in any case.

As for Final Destination, all of them were rewatches except for 2 (which is pretty shitty so perhaps that’s why we don’t hear much about it). Used to be pretty fascinated by the movies when I was younger because I thought those freak accidents could actually happen in real life. Thus I enjoyed the franchise’s creativity in killing people off.

But this time, now that I’m more grown up, cynical and have watched too many movies, I was pretty disappointed since I realised how unrealistic most of the deaths were and how most probably won’t ever happen. Oh well. Wish I was still the kid that watched Cartoon Network all day.

I would tell you to refer to my film list but looks like my Photobucket bandwidth exceeded again. I thought that since I’m no longer blogging on any site, I wouldn’t have to renew my premium account subscription since no traffic where got bandwidth? But guess not. Nope, not paying though… gonna just wait for it to reset at the start of a new month. No point renewing when I’m not even going to blog?

Ugh been forcing myself not to watch last week’s Vampire Diaries episode so that I can watch it with this week’s finale. Can you believe it’s nearly the end of Season 5 and they have confirmed a Season 6?? Madness. I started watching in 2010 when they were still airing Season 2… that means I’ve been following the show for 4 years!

Despite the one long hiatus I had… I just couldn’t help myself plus Estelle kept telling me to get back into it cos it was good. I suppose some things never change. And crazy or not, that kind of love never dies 😉

The first half of Season 5 was actually surprisingly good. So dark and different. I thought they were finally going in a different direction with the show. But now it’s back to boring stupid shit that keeps dragging on which nobody cares about. They always kill the characters that have made an impression off too quickly -_-

The 100th episode was nothing short of phenomenal and had me sobbing my eyes out. Every single freaking character we came to know and love and died came back. The Originals, Vicki, Jenna, Alaric and even John. Best scene and song ever. I wish I had been on Tumblr fangirling with everyone else at that time. I can’t imagine the tears and excitement everyone must have felt.

Not forgetting the Epic Delena Speeches which I’d wanted to quote but were just too long so CLICK!

This is the Vampire Diaries that I know, the one that had me crying nearly every episode, the one that I fell in love with. It’s moments like these make sure I’ll never 100% give up on the show.

Stopped watching The Originals… though I guess I’ll continue someday. As much as I love the Mikaelson siblings (Rebekah’s my favourite but they are just not doing her character justice), they are just not the Vampire Diaries. News Orleans will never be Mystic Falls. No amount of wit and humour will ever match Damon Salvatore’s. They do have good cliffhangers though.

Just finished all 240+ chapters (245 if you include the short stories) of Hana Yori Dango aka the Boys Over Flowers manga in 4 sittings (that’s how good it was). Longest manga I ever read and also the fluffiest / most humourous.

What little I’d read always ends with tragedy and someone dying (even the main leads) since I specifically looked for those types. Thought I’d try out Hana Yori Dango to see what the hype is all about and since I love the Korean & Taiwan dramas so much.

It’s weird how I shipped the underdog so much in the dramas (especially the Korean adaptation.. oh gosh, Ji Hoo) but in the manga, that never happened at all. The two main leads were obviously meant to be right from the start to the very end. I loved them from the beginning.

Can you believe the whole manga was published over a period of 10 years?! How did people manage to follow and wait… It’s funny how you don’t realise the change in the artist’s drawings and the fashion trends of the characters until someone points it out. I mean, it’s a decade so there are bound to be changes but I totally didn’t notice them! The manga really improved a lot as it went on.

My second favourite manga after Mars. Both have everything I’d ever want in a story and both ended perfectly. Mars is truly something else altogether.

Sigh what sucks is the empty hole in my heart after finishing the manga. Happens for nearly every single manga I’ve read wtf. Because they are so always so emotional. Much longer compared to books as well and the characters usually go through a lot of shit (sometimes they don’t even get a happy ending). I invest my heart and soul into the manga, only to feel so lost and empty after finishing it.

Maybe I should stop searching for depressing tragedies and just look under the Fluff category… but where’s the fun in that?

On the bright side, I’m going to watch all the anime / film / drama adaptations of Boys Over Flowers, even the ones I’ve already watched, because I love them so much.

Been meeting my old friends a lot too! Those who I used to be super close with but didn’t keep in contact with since we are all busy with our own stuff. Started talking again and we have been meeting regularly so this really means a lot to me. People like Ling Yue / Clement / Darren / Zikry / Danial / Nuraini etc.

It’s funny how someone starts talking and then the others reciprocate and it’s as if nothing has changed. No awkward silences, loads of good old memories and inside jokes, people I’ll never run out of things to talk with. I really think I knew all the best people during secondary school.

Haven’t seen two of my oldest and closest friends, You You and David, for ages though since they are not even the breathing the same country’s air as I am 🙁 David’s in another continent altogether and won’t even be coming back, bluergh.

Actually sometimes it is quite hard to find a common day and time when everyone is free since we all have school or work or army etc. Zzz! Plus I work weekends and holidays which is so different from most people. But still, I’m pretty happy with the way things are going with everyone.

Went clubbing a few times with Ling Yue. It was fun but not something I’d do every week. One time I thought my feet were gonna break so I have no idea how people can do it every Wed / Fri / Saturday. I also told a guy straight out that he was “full of shit” when he hit on me. Guess I’ll always be more of a homebody (see everything above) than a party animal. Though each time I always had to work the following day so I think I’m pretty impressive lololol.

Went to sing karaoke with her and Clement last Saturday (or more accurately, Sunday) at midnight till 3am+. It felt really special and different because they also spent the whole day working till at night just like I did, so it’s like we understand each other’s pain haha.

Another recent obsession of mine would be visual novels. You know, interactive stories that are affected by the choices you make. Been playing a lot on my phone (yes I finally installed games and adjusted my settings after one year of having everything on default — wow wow there’s an app for practically everything — … maybe one more year before I change the wallpaper too lol).

Actually I cheated for most of the games by looking up the answers that would get me the most points online. And sometimes I can’t be patient enough to wait for my energy in the game to recover so I read the whole thing on YouTube -_- Damn fun, I swear. No time to play in the day so I check the apps all at once before I sleep.

Still sleeping late, mostly at 3am, because as I said, I’m no longer as young and energetic as I used to be. Can’t seem to sleep any earlier and anything later, I’ll feel like dying when I wake up. Having said that, I’m gonna go lie down and indulge in all the simple pleasures I’ve blabbered on about in this one entry 🙂