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Some things are perfect from start to finish

navagio beach descendants of the sun

So… Descendants of the Sun came to an end last week and it’s one of the few shows that I actually watched from beginning to end. Here’s my obligatory fangirling post 😀 Spoilers obviously. I haven’t seen the 3-part special though!

I was actually quite irritated with Episode 15 which I thought was stupid and unnecessary. Like they were doing stuff only for the shock factor. Knew the guys would come back but I wanted them to stay dead out of spite -_-

But the finale was so perfect, I have no complaints!!! Haven’t felt so satisfied at how a show or book wrapped up in ages. And I loved how they referenced the other episodes in the final scene. Made me so emotional that I cried lol.

Descendants of the Sun Uruk

I think the main reason I found the show so enjoyable is because it’s so fast-paced (sometimes even a little too much) so it’s very unlike other draggy K-dramas where it’s just one misfortune after another and lots of women sobbing all the time. Good when you have short attention spans like me.

My favourite scene is definitely the earthquake which spanned three very thrilling episodes. This was like right in the middle of the show and all the scenes that followed kinda went downhill in comparison…

Anyway, it was so heartbreaking when Dr Kang Mo Yeon was made to choose which patient to save or both would die. Loved seeing the military and medical team working together and being so selfless… In fact, the journalists were the pesky ones, trying to get a scoop in such critical times, and it made me feel bad about myself LOL. But well, at least they contributed by donating blood in the end.

Loved the romance between the supporting characters too. It was just as strong and engaging as the main storyline, if not better?

Kinda feel that the epidemic scene in which Myeong Ju nearly died wasn’t intense enough to make us fear that she might really die. I guess that’s the problem with being fast-paced.  But the cafe scene was simply too adorbs for words!!


Not to forget the awesome soundtracks and the breathtaking setting (yes I know I’ve mentioned this before… someone give the cinematographer an award please?) but it’s really SO beautiful. There are even tours to the filming locations now. Man… quite a bummer that the tranquility of the place will be disturbed by endless tourists now.

Anyway, I know some of the criticism about the show is that it’s too cheesy and unrealistic (both true). But that’s the point of watching fictitious shows, isn’t it? To escape from reality. Life is dry and boring and depressing enough.

uruk navagio beach

Sadly, Vampire Diaries has become a pile of shit so I haven’t been watching it. Season 7 keeps cutting from past to present to future so for the first time ever, I don’t really understand / can’t follow what’s going on.

Yet I’m not ready to give up on it yet because I love the Salvatores even without Elena. We were all wrong ok… the show was always about the two brothers and not the love triangle. But I’m still hoping that one day there’ll be Delena again. You see la, stubborn or not?

Never-ending pain

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