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Some kind of awesome

6/4 (Friday)

Public holiday so no school yay! Actually I was supposed to go to Batam over the weekend with my cousins but ugh some problems so we didn’t go in the end but oh well! I regret nothing because of everything I got at Scape on Saturday LOL.

Went to town with my cousins, aunt and bro. Jamie, Bro and I who are more interested in eating went off to Pique Nique (blogged about it before if you remember!) while the rest went to look for stuff or something. Jamie treated us 😀

Never actually described much about the place last time but here it is! I like the decor and furnishing because it gives off a very quaint, cottage-y feel! Like in an Enid Blyton book 😀

~oh so artsy~ shots by bro (ikr, what interesting cutlery lololol)

My iced latte which wasn’t very nice. Swopped with Jamie’s iced lemon tea but same thing, I’ve had better.

Their burgers are actually quite good. But all beef I think.
Shared this one with Jamie and I picked out all my veggies as usual hehe 😀

Another different type of burger and this has an egg too! Wolfed down by my dear brother.

Mac and cheese ^^ pretty yums!

Had some trouble editing these food pics because everything is overwhemingly yellow and cheesy -_-

Waffle with a lot of different things but I forgot what. Okay to me only because there’s like some weird taste. But my bro and cousin seemed to enjoy it tremendously so maybe it’s just me. Personally I like my waffles/pancakes crisp with butter and maple syrup best!! 😀

Actually overall their food is just okay to me, quite pricey, and service also quite meh.

Bro and I 😀

Some of the cakes they sell asdfghjk so pretty I can’t resist vibrant colors!

Didn’t so much but eat actually. Went to Rubi and Jamie bought 4 pairs of shoes. Then went back to my grandma’s house and ate somemore hehe. Called dad to ask for a lift, moaned that I’m very tired and yay he came 😛 usually he will ask me to go home myself and my bro is so mature and sensible that he won’t even call. Lalalala.

5/4 (Friday)

Expectations: Catch a movie, have dinner, go shopping (ambitious much?)
Reality: Have dinner and stay glued to our seats for the rest of the night

Went out with my girls ^^
Planned to watch The Vow but decided against it only when we reached Cathay because we found the timings too rushed. Been wanting to watch Titanic too but again, TEP timings versus movie slots 🙁 Oh well everyone said The Vow isn’t as good as expected anw. Plus I wanna watch Titanic on the big screen but not in 3D!

Photo by Vanessa who did my hair for me earlier that day in class! 😀
Love both the hair and photo a lot hehehe ❤

Dindins at Just Acia! 3x I’ve been here and 3x I’ve eaten the same thing. Think I’m a bit sick of it already LOL because I didn’t finish it. Usually when something is yummy, I polish everything off.

Gerry’s cheesy pasta!

Dian’s pasta and she said it’s really good so I think I’ll try this next time. I love tomato-based spaghetti!! 😀

Darilene’s teriyaki chicken rice. Actually I think every single thing on the menu is nice?!?!

Everyone was super tired after a long day so we didn’t take pictures together but I have this hahahaha

So haggard 🙁

The print on my dress ^^ It decided to be nice that day and make me not feel/look like crap. Sounds mad but you can put on the same outfit on different days and feel different. Anyone else has this feeling??

Dead beat upon reaching home but my mind was still super restless due to my nescafe spam HAHA. Exploited the fact that my parents went out when I just reached home so I lay spread eagle on their bed. Sadly there was nothing good on TV and I ended back in my bed snoozing soundly.

Great way to end the week! 🙂

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