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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

One does not simply stop telepathy

The other day Muz was saying my blog always only got Darilene, which is true to a certain extent but now I’m gonna prove you all wrong!! Actually I have LOADS of group outings yet to be posted hehe. But this post shall feature the one I have most telepathy with – Dian! 😀

Us rewatching TVD episodes on channel 5 and for 2 weeks in a row we both tweeted the exact same quote on our private accounts (which we use for chatting and sharing links hence you don’t see a lot of interaction on our main accs)! A total and incredible coincidence! 😀

And even in real life we continue to be telepathic.
Eg: Darilene was telling us something and we both replied, “no1curr~” (tumblr term) at the same time. Another time Hariz was telling us something and we went, “Cool story bro” together heehee 😀

She’s also the one I discuss topics like TVD/Delena/Tumblr/Photoshop/Cats with the most ^^ I can always count on her to understand my TVD references!


Ah, good times. I always look back on this screenshot and lol. Quite long ago actually, as you can tell from the alias that I don’t use anymore. At that time all 4 of us changed our DPs to our favourite memes. Wow our 2 DPs here totally match our trolling comments :’D

And yes… super overdue entry if you haven’t noticed.
Took some pics together on her webcam last week!

Basically the 4 of us are very different and yet have a lot in common at the same time, and everyday I’m just thankful that I found them and everyday I treasure the time we get to spend together ❤❤❤ 🙂

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