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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

8 reasons why

Stopped at Thursday 6/4 in the previous entry right… Because I fell sick on 4/4 and 5/4!!
This brief entry will tell you why. Timeline is latest to earliest.

1. Texas Chicken dinner with my family on Monday

Bought like 16 pieces of chicken because they have this offer every Monday. 4 pieces for $4.80! Dad came to fetch me home from school and we went to buy together ^^All nice (except the mashed potatoes) but KFC is still the best!

Second time having Texas chicken and it’s not as good as the first. The first time I ate till I cried because the chicken was crazy spicy O_O somehow this time it’s not very spicy (even though both times we ordered “spicy recipe”). I am going to try Popeyes next time!! Heard that their mashed potato is to die for.

2. Binge-eating at my grandmother’s house over the weekend

I kid you not :S And when I say “wake up,” I mean sometime around 2pm? Somedays I’m just insatiable and the food at my grandmother’s house is too much (both taste and amount) to resist! EAT ALL THE THINGS!!!!!

3. Steamboat buffet dinner with Jamie on Friday

Actually my cousin was going with her friends but one of them couldn’t make it and she had an extra coupon so she asked me 😀 means she treated me again!!! Went to meet her at her workplace then we took the bus to Geylang. So far!!!

Around $25 per pax I think. Food was just okay, feel like it isn’t very fresh and everything was damn saltish! Only 3 kinds of free-flow drinks and all were quite lame (chestnut, orange, lime).Though they had sambal sotong which I like a lot 😀 I prefer the Bugis one that I blogged about long time ago but it closed down already I heard. That one only $18 per pax and got my favourite taiwan sausages and a lot more drinks! 🙁

Then Jamie’s friends all became full very quickly. I was quite full but still got space! But everyone else stopped eating already so I did too. Usually at buffets I will eat until I can no longer go on hahaha. I justified myself by saying that it’s already 11pm and I shouldn’t eat so much -_-

4. Manhattan Fish Market dinner with my family on Thursday

They were having the $3.90 offer for their fish ‘n’ chips so I told my mom and we decided to go 😀 my dad told us to go ahead without him ended coming anyway lol. We ordered 5 sets hehe. Kinda regret eating in school during break because I was too stuffed to even finish my own set. It’s okay, the men of the family polished everything off 😀

That and I also had Astons on Wednesday (5), and tom yum noodles (6, 7, 8) in school for 3 days straight hehehe 😀 wasn’t feeling well by then already and the fever came in full-force one week later. But oh well!

I’m one of those annoying asses that whine about being fat but don’t exercise and continue to eat like a cow.

Mr Bean eating

Yesterday my dad bought a box of rice as dinner for me. It had 2 kinds of meat and fried omelette. Then there was curry vegetables and another kind of meat which he bought separately which I ate with the rice too. Then I finished my mom’s leftover fried fish bee hoon (you know, the soupy one). And then there was also a box of fried dumplings and I had 2.

Today I woke up and my dad bought nasi lemak as lunch for me. There was a fried egg, one chicken wing, one taiwan sausage and one fish fillet. I finished everything too 😀

Food is everywhere!!!! Even the food in NYP is pretty rad. When I go to Koufu, I eat only either chicken rice or tom yum noodles. When I go to South canteen, I eat either laksa or the malay stall’s rice. And takos plus green milk tea. The waffles and loklok at Macs is awesome. North canteen’s yong tau foo is freaking cheap and worth trying too.

Spongebob eating

There is really only one motto I live by and encourage people to live by. Other than that, I don’t like telling people what to do or judge them for it (if you haven’t realised, my post about being better than others was sort of a joke, just like how you shouldn’t take everything you read on my blog seriously because I am not a serious person).

And this motto is none other than… be happy! 😀
No matter what you do, make sure you are happy! My happiness is a factor for a lot of decisions I make.
Like whether to eat something. HAHA. Anw this is part 3/3 already ^^

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