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Pignic @ Pique Nique

Been neglecting my blog nowadays!! 🙁
Don’t think that I will be here very much this week too. But it’s a good thing heheeeee. Hoping to spend more time with friends this holiday especially those that I don’t get to see very much when there’s school!

21 August (Sunday)

Was snoozing as usual and got awoken by my cousins asking if I wanted to go shopping at Orchard with them. Sooo I jumped out of bed and flew there. Hahaha okay maybe not so fast. I think Teng wanted to buy work shoes so Jamie and I just walked around with her.

Went to this little shop called Pique Nique at a corner (in Ngee Ann City?) to grab a bite. It looked very cosy!!! Gave me the cottage feel in Enid Blyton books 🙂 just Googled it and seems like they opened for just 3 months only.

We ordered only 2 items plus 2 drinks to share (because I just woke up so not very hungry) but I was sooo stuffed! But satisfied 😀 yum yum tum tum. Teng treated us!

Teng’s hot chocolate with marshmallow!

Waffle with maple syrup and strawberry ice cream!
Omg the waffle is sooo crispy and nice and it goes so well with the syrup and sugar.
I don’t like the ice cream. It’s just regular ice cream but I prefer eating just the waffle.

Can’t remember the name of this beef burger but it is so yummeh
Jamie loves the sauce, don’t know what exactly it is but it’s so nice 😀
We cut into slices to share and I gave Jamie all my veggies ^^

I ♡ fries

I ♡ egg
I ♡ food
I ♡ everything 😀

Jamie said we must pose with the food and that it’s called “action shot” HAHAHA

Iced chocolate that I shared with Jamie 🙂

Trying not to burst out laughing!
Okay actually I don’t really like marshmallows but… action shot, remember?!

The only successful group pic!!

I don’t mind being cut off though!!!
Makes my face look smaller HEHEHE

I called my bro to ask if he wanna come join us but he said he’s studying sooo too bad, his loss 😛 but nvm, he stayed over at Jamie’s house the night before and they had so much fun and pigged out without me!!! 🙁 and in the morning he texted me that he was “enjoying fried rice cooked by Jamie :D” to make me even more jelly sooo this is payback!!!! I flashed all the pictures of food at him afterwards >:D

Continued walking afterwards, went to so many stores all round Orchard and Jamie bought 3 pairs of shoes already but Teng still haven’t found anything that caught her fancy omg -_- in the end after many hours then she bought 4 pairs at one go LOL.

Sooo conclusion! The both of them bought 7 pairs of shoes costing more than $250 in total among themselves and for once I bought nothing 😀 yay so proud of myself. I am happy with just my full stomach! ^^ cabbed to grandma’s house after that!

20 August (Saturday)

So usually on Saturdays and some Sundays I go over to my grandmother’s house because there will be a lot of people there too and super lively 😀 but didn’t go this time because I went to help a friend in need instead!!!

Amos was supposed to celebrate Yvonne’s birthday and he wanted to surprise her but didn’t know how to hide the cake and (huge) present. Sooo I offered to be at the venue and hide somewhere with the things then he can come collect from me when it’s time for him to make his surprise hahahaha. Anyway it was at Bottle Tree Park and near my house. Made Yixuan go with me because I didn’t want to be waiting all alone!

Sat around, walked around and my mood was still at an all-time-low then so it was a good chance for us to catch up. Super long since I had a proper chat with him?!

Well anyway I think things on Amos’s side went pretty well ^^ hehehe see what good friends Yixuan and I are!!!! OH and now everyone can shut up about how we are dating hahaha. I don’t know why everyone always thinks Amos and I are together!!! We never once were… Just super close friends seeee 😀 sacrificed so much fun and fooood at my grandma’s and cousin’s houses just to help him!!!!! But that’s what friends are for 😀

Okay pretty satisfied with this entry.
And yay seeing my precious babies tomorrow wheee! ❤
Have a wonderful week, everyone! 🙂

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