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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Fruitful day

Sooo happy over all the little things and because there’s so much to look forward to in the upcoming months! Been awhile since I felt this way.

Finally revamped my blog’s desktop layout. After nearly five years!! Oh my, has this website been around for that long?! So much less of an eyesore without the glaring pink font on black background. So proud of myself because I edited the CSS code all on my own.

It’s been a day of opportunities at work, all of which I’m extremely grateful for. Attended a workshop in the morning (knowledge is power), then a small cheese and wine-tasting event in the evening. Going for a food-tasting session by a celeb chef from Japan next Monday and it’s not something that comes by all the time so I’m really thankful to be chosen.

So much food too. Ate in the morning, then went to Din Tai Fung for lunch, then had all that cheese and wine, then chocolate cake because it was the intern’s birthday, followed by dinner at Sanpoutei Ramen and dessert at The Povidore.

Managed to make reservations for Parkroyal’s Lobsterfest Buffet next Wednesday too and I’m really looking forward to it! This is why I’m fat.

Can’t believe it’s October already. My birthday and Halloween. Seoul trip in November. Christmas aka one of my favourite holiday seasons in December. Australia trip in January. Hong Kong in February. I promise to enroll in school in 2016. Have dragged long enough!

Well, these are my plans at least. I don’t like mentioning plans before they are confirmed because I fear jinxing them but now I’m writing them down so that they actually take shape. Praying hard nothing goes wrong, especially my trips. I haven’t booked anything because I’m waiting for good prices.

Wanna punch myself because Scoot had tickets to Seoul for $200+ but I missed it. And I missed this easy Facebook contest that was giving out $1,000 travel vouchers too because I only saw it 10 minutes after it was posted. That is akin to 10,000 years on the Internet.

But it’s okay! Maybe life has something better in store.

See the grey stroke on the top left corner of both photos? It’s one of the cracks on my phone screen. My mum said she would pay for my rose gold iPhone if I’m getting it hehe. Waiting for SingTel to restock.

Don’t know why I have mustache syndrome today lol. And my nose is huge wtf. But whatever. I shall not be critical today.

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