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Having a forehead for once

Surprisingly some free time before I fly so I shall share the strange encounter I had at the gym this week. Though my friends find it creepy… I was thinking more of funny.

My bed is like a freaking war zone as I’m chionging to charge every device before I go. Then again, it always is. And yes that’s the pillow I got from Air New Zealand with my name on the cover 😀

Anyway, so proud of myself because I went running at the office gym for four days in a row this week which is a new record. Been skiving off and I only went once last month. Ugh plus I ate so much because of NZ / CNY / stress.

Love the gym best when it’s empty like on Thursday. Sometimes I go after work and sometimes during lunch or dinner breaks. But of all the times I’ve been, Wednesday was probably the most… interesting.

I guess when you go often enough, you become a familiar face and people start to recognise you. The moment I entered that day, the sports club manager said they were looking for female models at the gym to shoot in SPH Presslines and that he thought of me or something.

I was like ermmm then he said the photographer was very atas and only wanted ‘slim’ girls who had a ‘sweet face’. The whole time I was thinking, you’re kidding me right… those are the last few words I’d ever use to describe myself -_-

Anyway, went to do my usual run after the convo. Then just as I was about to leave, I bumped into the Birdman from last time. The moment we made eye contact, I immediately went, “Oh dear” in my mind.

Background: We met when it was just the two of us left at the gym. I was about to go home when he started a convo… that lasted freaking 30 minutes till 10pm. Didn’t want to seem rude so I just listened. Birdman because one of the things he talked about was his pet bird. When I told my colleagues about the encounter the next day, Azhar asked, ‘Which bird?’ LOL wtf.

So this time, the moment he saw me, he started talking and said he hasn’t seen me at the gym for awhile. Random stuff about his exercise routine again. Sports club manager (he told me to invest in better shoes…) joined in too just it was 3 of us chatting.

But I swear Birdman says the weirdest things ok:

– You look 18 or 19
(I wish)

– I see you every day, wearing so nice
(erm I did not see you so this is a bit weird)

– When I see you walking with friends, you are obviously the star
(I said I walk with male colleagues like Azhar and Kumar but he disagreed)

Hahaha super ridiculous but I think he was just being nice since we are both regulars. He didn’t seem like he was going to stop chattering soon so at one timely pause, I said I had to go back to work and managed to escape. What an ego-boosting gym session LOL

Is this like the first time I’ve posted a photo of me without my fringe here?? I think even a lot of my friends have never seen me with hair like that in person. Taken weeks ago on Feb 10 after work/gym. Face looks slimmer due to dim lighting, not gym or anything else. Stop making fun of my forehead ok…

Kumar: For once you [something something…]
Azhar: I thought you were going to say ‘For once I can see your forehead.’

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