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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Not myself

By the time you read this, I’d be in Hong Kong 😀
(post written on Friday, 6 March, 9.20pm).

I know, I know… super sudden and last minute just like New Zealand especially since I only just went HK last November. But it’s another opportunity too good to pass up and there’s free lodging at a hotel. It’s a holiday out of my own expenses la okay, you think every month got sponsored trip meh?!

Work has been so cray cray this week that I did nothing / went nowhere / saw no friends except work on robot mode. But it’s the only thing I feel efficient at and can focus on properly these days.

At least I love my job. Team-bonding day at Labrador Park today with other departments. Wanted to say I woke up way too early for this but then I realised I didn’t even sleep… again. I’m gonna so regret my lifestyle when I’m 30 and look 60 sigh.

Feeling very irresponsible lately because I keep leaving tasks till the very last minute then realising I have no time when I finally want to do it. Even stuff like cleaning my hamsters’ cages. Or how I left today’s event early before even eating the catered dinner so that I could go home and pack my luggage.

Hating myself for how long I took to finish my Auckland article and even more so because I’m not exactly satisfied with the way it turned out. Ugh… I disappoint myself.

Feeling very messed up. Not very myself recently I guess thanks to more stress and insecurities and whatever else than usual.

Hopefully all the shopping and good food in Hong Kong will do me good. It’s one of the many crazy and out-of-nowhere surprises that Life has sprung on me this year so I’m gonna make the best out of it.

And if you are stuck in Singapore, don’t worry! Some retail therapy will do the trick. Be sure to check out the wide range of women’s wallets on Zalora! So many pretty items that left me spoilt for choice:

Yup lots of pink… but I mean, have you seen what I was wearing at today’s event? And the font colour of the text you are reading now… hehehe.

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