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Can’t sleep but what’s new

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Turned on my laptop, turned it off, lay down in bed, skimmed through one of my favourite books, drank a cup of hot milk tea, re-read the first two chapters of Harry Potter, stared out of the window, played with my hamsters. Yet I’m still awake. And now I’m back to square one on my laptop.

So stupid that I finally have some free time to myself (no tasks demanding to be done at the moment) and to actually sleep but I can’t. Just yesterday, I was up till 5am trying to sort out photos for work when all I wanted was to sleep so badly.

Been so tired and busy all the time recently though. Feb was a tough month. It’s been ages since I felt negativity to this extent. I was either stressing out over my article or just feeling inexplicably down over everything else. It’s a mix of many things. Can’t believe a whole month is gone just like that.

Wrote a really long post but it’s 5.40am and I’m nowhere near finished. A story for another day perhaps. If I ever get around to continuing it, that is. Sometimes the moment just passes and I don’t feel like talking about stuff anymore.

I started typing at 3am and now I suddenly feel very tired so bye. Yes I have work later.

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