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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

What’s meant to be yours will be yours

Most amazing thing happened yesterday at like 2am. Definitely lifted my spirits (been feeling so vexed and stressed recently) and I was thinking, finally some positivity and it’s gonna be a good day (it was).

pink skeleton keychain

I bought this keychain in Bangkok last November. Thought I lost it during my Malacca/KL trip with Chris in December. Searched his car and retraced my steps at the mall but I couldn’t find it. I got so moody because I really liked it. Its colours match my blog haha.

Was in Brendan’s car last night and we were on the way to have supper when I suddenly saw it lying on the dashboard. It was just… there. Funny thing is I’ve been in his car several times from December to now but never saw it before. And I can’t remember when I dropped it either.

Crazy accurate quote from Harry Potter:

luna lovegood quote gif

Anyway I was so thrilled to see it again. Made me realise that if something is meant to be yours, it will return and be yours. If it doesn’t, maybe there’s a reason behind it and perhaps there’s something better in store for you.

Like actually, I missed out on a work trip to Yogyakarta sometime in Sep/Oct (ironically I was in Batam when the offer came about) and my colleague went instead. Me being me, I was kinda jealous for awhile and hating myself.

But then New Zealand happened and it was SO incredible. Probably wouldn’t have gotten to go if I’d had already gone for Yogyakarta. Imagine flying Business Class + having a few courses for every meal + riding a helicopter all for free. I might never stop feeling so grateful for being given this chance T_T

fall into place tumblr quote

Recently, I keep getting myself into a state by being insecure and over-thinking things all the time. Or stressing about work and feeling like I’m buried neck-deep. Then I’ll realise it was all for nothing and I shouldn’t even have anything to worry about. It’s a vicious cycle that just keeps going on.

Need to remember that nothing is so life-threatening that I won’t make it. That I’ll pull through and be fine no matter how hard things are. Like the Delena quote: “We’ll survive this. We always survive.”

we'll survive this we always survive

HAHAHA I can really reference TVD in any situation. Think I’m a walking encyclopedia for this show… Wish I was as good or knowledgeable when it comes to writing articles.

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