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Buy all the things

Just some very random OOTDs from work. Except that they are not really OOTDs since I have been very lazy to dress up and just throwing whatever I can find together…

Bought this shirt for $10 on Carousell just because of the print 😀 I really love rodents!!!

I don’t like harassing people and getting them to take photos for me. Sadly, the next closest thing I have is the full length mirror in my office toilet. The pail and the mop are forever there to photobomb me…

Me in jeans… hahaha. That’s supposed to be a rare sight. Actually I wear dresses 95% to work of the time but none of the photos here show that.

This has got to be the cheapest outfit ever:

– $1 knitted top (am wearing another singlet inside though I can’t remember how much it was)
– $2 Cotton On skirt
– $6 Mitju shoes
– $8 Hello Kitti bag

Noor said my top was very nice and feeling the material but she got a shock when I told her how much I got it for. I believe in cheap, nice, and quality all in the same equation lol.

Love that there’s a gym in the office that staff are free to use and I love it even more when it’s empty. Unfortunately I don’t go as much as I used to anymore.

Can’t believe that it’s October already! So much excitement coming up!!! Can’t wait for Bangkok and Hong Kong in November. Going on a road trip to KL/Malacca in December. I can’t stop reading blog entries about travelling!! Meanwhile I will satisfy my shopaholism by shopping online.

buy all the things meme

Do you know that Zalora is having a Singapore fashion sale? Loads of gorgeous items up for grabs from unbelievable prices as low as $6 for shoes!!! So in love with their products *_*

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