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A guy bought $100 worth of clothes from me on Carousell

You know how they say that if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t? Well, I found out that isn’t always the case.

On Wednesday (Oct 8), some guy bought $100 worth of clothes from me on Carousell. 30 pieces to be exact. Way below the prices I bought them at but I’m desperate to get rid of them (especially considering my upcoming travels). Didn’t mind giving a huge discount on top of the already dirt cheap prices either since it was a bulk purchase.

carousell cheap clothes

A huge pile of stuff I put up for sale. Turned out he was planning to sell them overseas (I don’t care what people do with my stuff after purchase).

I thought he was trolling at first, especially considering how easygoing and not fussy he seemed to be, with minimal questions about the clothes themselves. I even asked for a deposit at first because I didn’t want to pack everything and go to the meeting point, only for him to MIA. Plus his account was unverified and empty.

But I didn’t in the end because he suddenly asked if we could meet up before even confirming what he wanted. After I explained to him how the sale worked, he just picked what he wanted and I quoted him the price. He didn’t even haggle further!

carousell flea

At that time I still didn’t take him seriously… Until he said he was at Khatib already then did I start packing the items and practically sprinted to the MRT Station. Which means he wasn’t just real, but also waited for a panting, sweaty and very late me.

After the deal and on the way home, I started to wonder if the two $50 notes he gave me were fake. I even considered buying something at NTUC to swop the notes and get rid of “incriminating evidence”. But my dad confirmed that the money’s authenticity hahaha.

If you are on Carousell, you would know that apparel is one of the hardest things to sell because the supply way exceeds the demands. Love it when people buy in bulk. It’s a really great platform for selling old stuff! Don’t even need to spend time creating a website.


Have had my account for over a year but never actually posted the links on my social media accounts. I also don’t know why. Click on the photo above to browse my items (and hopefully buy)!!!!

The following day, I met up with another buyer and he kept calling me ‘bro’ through texts… Too bad I had to eventually tell him I was in a dress for us to identify each other because I really wanted to see his reaction when he realised I wasn’t a dude.

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