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Digging my own grave in JB

Hello!! Kinda happy to be blogging regularly again ^^ Actually this post was meant to be up days ago and about one single day but I am really busy so am gonna do a round-up of the past week as usual.

Super stressed and frazzled and overworked actually. I was so tired on Thursday night that I fell asleep on my parents’ bed right after dinner for about 3 hours. Left the office at close to 8pm today even though I was on the regular shift. But it’s little moments like these that makes it worthwhile 😀

Hahaha screenshots of emails sent by my Editor (thank you… am happy to be working under you. Hope he’s not reading this though lol) on various days. I know they look the same. I was too lazy to screenshot properly plus everything else in the emails is confidential.

Wednesday (Sep 17)

shrove tuesday waffle ice cream

Visited this cafe called Shrove Tuesday with colleagues during lunch. I like the gelato ice cream there but I find it kinda pricey for a place located in a HDB neighbourhood. Especially with waffles. Prices here.

Their teas are super fragrant though! I had their peach honeycomb together with Sea Salt Caramel ice cream in a waffle bowl. Previously I tried Mao Shan Wang ice cream on a regular waffle and iced mocha.

shrove tuesday seat salt ice cream

Met up with Ling Yue at Mac’s after work and Darren Toh was a super good sport to join us 😛 She had asked for directions to their hair dye shop in Batam after reading my post and found it! So now I have hair dye again yay.

Sorry not sorry to all the people we bitched about and went to stalk. Also she needs to stop mentioning how xxx wrote my birthday on his room wall to remember the date because that was at least 6 years ago and she only told me few months back so I was like WTF.

Reached home at 10pm, showered at 1am, slept at 4am… that’s how messed up my schedule is.

Tuesday (Sep 18)

k keyboard

My brother dropped a hanger right onto my laptop and the K key flew out -_- Meme potential. Gonna reply with this photo when I wanna K someone now hahaha. And yes the key is still unattached…

Anyway, it was a day off from work so it was super relaxing and minimal productivity!! Wow really need more days like these. Often even when I’m not working, I still spend time doing stuff or worrying about something so it’s rarely a 100% day off.

starbucks green tea cream java chip frappe

Chilled at Starbucks for ages with Yu Kai. Ordered green tea cream for the first time but it was so sweet that I downed 2 cups of iced water and kept going to the loo… ugh. When will my salted caramel frappe come back?!??!!

causeway point oyster mee sua

Love this oyster mee sua at Causeway Point!! Yu Kai doesn’t eat oysters so I always get double wahaha super shiok. Bought $10 worth of bread, $8 worth of fried finger food and 14 tako balls at $4 home for family afterwards lol.

Sunday (Sep 14)

mao shan wang ice cream four seasons

Went to Expo with my family and had dinner at the food fair. This mao shan wang ice cream is the bomb okay?!?!? I love durians. Quite pricey at $3 per cup so I always avoided it and satisfied myself with the samples. But nah, not this time. Oh gosh, now I want more…

Won two goodie bags from another fair next door. Walked in and they were having a Q&A about Singapore’s history. I simply Googled the answers muahaha. Would have answered a third question but aiya give chance la :3

 popular book fair expo

They was a Popular fair too and all English books were going at Buy 2 and Get 3 Free!!!! I was in heaven. Got these 5 books for $18.  That thick collection of horror stories was only $4 and Frankenstein was $8 even though it had a leather cover and gold-rimmed pages!!!

I wanted to buy another 5 more but didn’t have time, sigh. Wanted to pick 5 expensive ones that were close in price and 5 cheap ones that were close in price for a better deal haha.

big book of bieber

Saw this too and NO I didn’t buy it.

Went home for awhile then went to JB with Chris. And that’s where the title of this post comes in because I tried this drink for the very first time…

Graveyard cocktail

As the straw suggests, it’s called Graveyard. Heard about it but never tried it. It’s supposedly vvv strong to the point of knocking you out. But I decided to try it anyway just for fun. Didn’t think I would KO but was worried that I couldn’t wake up for work the next morning,

Just so you know, it tastes like crap and yet was RM10 more expensive than all the other drinks on the menu. And nope, not my poison either as I was still very much sober even after finishing the whole glass, albeit a bit buzzed.

And this was actually after I finished my Long Island Tea… which tastes 100x better hahaha.

Buffalo wings. Not bad but zero spiciness sigh I miss Sunset Grill.

Was in very high spirits (no pun intended). Another work-free day spent chilling and having good conversations. Feeling so fortunate and thankful for all the good things and positivity in my life.

Currently watching Meteor Garden 2 and reading Eclipse but my pace is really slow because to be honest, they are not very exciting or interesting. I rarely watch movies anymore. Everything these days is “just okay”. I want to be blown away.

And yes I put on weight because life is simply so enjoyable lol shushhhh.
(I made this gif a long time ago when I was still on Tumblr)

natalie portman eating gif

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