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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Happiness is a state of mind

Feeling exceptionally ecstatic because of so many good things happening! Of course, this calls for a blog post so that I don’t forget. And maybe to show off a bit as well hahahaha because some people are annoying and can’t stand to see others basking in the happiness of their own private business.

Damon smirking gif

Maybe I’ll explain more on that next time. Let’s just say I can be partaking in completely neutral activities that concern no one else but myself such sleeping /eating /shitting, and still get unprovoked attacks. I will not respond because I am better than them *flicks hair* but it pleases me to know that what I do in my own life bothers them so much. Hopefully one day they’ll finally grow up 😀

Super lazy to edit photos / use phone apps like Dayre / Vscocam / Instagram and I prefer to be more private these days hence the lack of online activity except for the occasional tweet or whatever. But life goes on as normal, some blah and okay days, some good, and minimal bad ones.

Started my morning with work, which I still really enjoy and keep putting off further education for :S I feel capable, appreciated and I LOVE my colleagues.

The guys never miss a chance to make fun of me (because I’m easy to wind up and my reactions are entertaining??). They are at the level of friendship where they are allowed to tease you relentlessly and you never get offended. Yet if acquaintances make the same joke, they’ll get their heads bitten off 😀

Ahahaha just another day in the office and in case you were wondering, the task of teaching was eventually passed on to Kumar. Now for a list of the 3 awesome things that happened to me today 😀

1. Booked plane tickets to Bangkok in November

I love it there so much ok it’s like the best shopping paradise ever and the food is superb. Have always wanted to return ever since I first went there in August last year and now I am!

Tiger Airways is currently having a 50% off promotion for DBS/POSB card holders so I quickly looked up their flights. Paid about $155 per pax after adding in everything. Super good deal right!!!

2. Got free hamster accessories from a kind stranger

This woman posted in one of the hamster facebook groups about giving away several items. She told us to state what we wanted and why before she’ll pick who to give them to. Decided to try my luck and asked for one of the cages. Was thinking never mind if I don’t get it since the collection point is at Punggol, which is quite far for me anyway.

hamster alex cage

Few days later, she replied my message asking if I was still interested and wanted anything else. I couldn’t believe she picked me out of so many others who commented and/or PM-ed her? Hehehe so I said I would like the exercise ball too if no one else had asked for it.

Went to Punggol MRT to collect the stuff after work today. It took me 45 minutes from Braddell and another 1 hour to go home T_T Was panting and sweating like a stray dog by the time I reached home.

But that was exactly why I felt accomplished and extra pleased with myself. I love putting in effort for things I want… same concept as queuing for Hello Kitty. The feeling you get at the end is priceless. That and I like being budget/cheapstake/getting freebies/achieving more than my output.

hamster accessories

Was quite stunned when I saw the exercise ball because it’s like more than double the size of those I’m using and meant for a bigger breed of hamsters. Not housing any hamsters in the cage because just because they are small doesn’t mean they should be kept in small homes. It’s a good carrier and temporary home when you are cleaning out the actual cages.

3. My Special Edition Harry Potter Box Set arrived

Made a bulk order of $200+ ($183 after my 20% discount code – I have loads more, please email me if you want one)  on Book Depository last week. Includes this Harry Potter Collection, two Battle Royale books and four other novels 😀

Special Edition Harry Potter Box Set cover

They are dispatched separately and thus will arrive on different days. This was the first item! Was amazed at how fast it arrived because I thought it would take at least two weeks. I love it so much because it’s as beautiful as I’d expected it to be!!!

Special Edition Harry Potter Paperback Box Set

Special Edition Harry Potter Box Set

(Sorry about the glare, I have no patience nor skill to edit and I can’t be bothered to retake the picture)

After finishing the series, I actually searched ‘Harry Potter’ on Buzzfeed and read every related article because I was so thirsty for more. Was immediately taken with this set of covers, mostly due to how the book spines form Hogwarts! Realised that Book Depository still has stock and the rest is history 😀

hogwarts scenery

I guess one of the (rather few) upsides of reading this worldwide phenomenon so late is that I get my pick of covers when purchasing the books. But of course it’s meaningful if you purchased the original print one by one too. I’m happy with what I got!

To be honest, I much prefer the newer covers of Hunger Games (both the glossy metallic version and the pure black version) but oh well. Don’t know if my box set has the original covers actually because if they aren’t, I want to trade them. Maybe.

Some other positivity recently:

zalora email

Part of the very sweet message from Zalora about a collaboration. I was so inspired by this because I had no idea people still read my blog when I hardly updated (I don’t even login to approve new comments or check page views), let alone Zalora, let alone someone wanting to engage my services.

Am working with them for a second assignment so stayed tuned 🙂

goodreads message

This was quite a big surprise too because anditslove is actually someone I knew from Tumblr and spoke to occasionally when I was still active. Which means our last conversation was probably 2 years ago. I can’t believe she remembered me??!?!

Sites like Goodreads and IMDB are just places to keep track of what I read/watch. I loooove their huge databases! But kinda sad that my accounts there are quite new and do not include a lot of stuff from my childhood. So I want to go through them once again before putting them on record (more accurate) but people will assume I only read this little or whatever.

Which is one reason why I have never broadcast these accounts online and asked people to visit my profiles. They are my own business, though I’m open to people being interested in them.

tumblr book shelf

But if you were classmates in me in secondary school, you would probably know that I read one book a day on average 😀 #humblebrag Every time I brought a book back to the librarian the following day, she gave me a look of disbelief and incredulity like I borrowed books for fun.

Giving Twilight a chance now but… eh.

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