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Say goodbye to fashion woes with Zalora

Threw out 3 pairs of shoes at once recently because they had all fallen apart. The black ones were due to wear and tear since I wore them every single day at one point. The other two are probably because they are cheapo ($6 each) and/or have been kept too long (2 years?)… basically fell apart the first time I wore them -_-

The soles came off just after I left house, the ribbons fell out just as I was reaching my workplace, and the whole thing started ‘disintegrating’ while I was seated in my office??!? Kumar said my work area looked like a war zone.

He and Andre are always nagging me about buying cheap shoes LOL because half the time I have a shoe crisis, they are around to witness it. So yes, I really should have listened! Even my favourite Hana Yori Dango manga and its Taiwanese drama adaptation preached the same life lesson.

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hana yori dango shoes quote

The time has come for some shopping and to invest in a quality, reliable pair of shoes!

And where better to look than at one of my favourite shopping sites, Zalora?

This time, I’m looking at Aldo — a renowned brand that all of us have heard of and which boasts of a large collection of footwear! There are 12 outlets in Singapore. But you no longer have to travel far to hunt for the perfect pair of shoes. Simply shop from the comfort of your own home with Zalora! 😀

I had so much fun browsing the items at my own leisurely pace online.
Here are some of my favourite items!

They are all so me, especially those that are silver and have a bow 😀 Comfortable flats for every day wear, heels to go with more formal outfits and more. There’s something for every occasion and every item comes with a detailed description too.

But that’s not all… There are also other Aldo products on Zalora, such as bags, watches and other accessories! All so gorgeous, classy-looking and at affordable prices!

Best part is there’s now a 50% sale going on!! Quickly grab these awesome deals from Zalora now!!!

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