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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Memorable conversations + my reactions

Still in Bangkok but I’m prepared hehehe 🙂 Here are snippets of conversations I’ve had in my head for awhile because I like them so much :3 Unloading them here plus these are things I’d want to shelf away for memory’s sake in the future.

*talking about bunbunmakeuptips and her breakout incident at work*

Me: Actually I find her quite pretty.
Kenneth: Are you sure?
Me: Ya, with makeup pretty, without is okay, but now no la.
Kenneth: Huh serious? I think you look nicer.

I was totally like this picture in my head hahaha. Sigh but I was also thinking, “Maybe… if I was thinner’.

touched meme

*trying to pick best photo aka the one with the prettiest girls for club event*

Terence: How much would you rate this girl?
Me: Maybe… 6? 6 plus?
Terence: You go take a photo la. I give you 8.
Me: Siao ah. (totally in reflex, I swear)

I wish I could believe you but I am so not anywhere near an 8!

shy meme

*Talking about BCG injection in the past*

Someone: Actually what do they inject you with? Some virus?
Me: World War Z…
Kumar: Stop watching so many movies.

HAHA I am proud of all the movies I can reference and quote okay 😀 After all, how can I let all those time spent watching movies be in vain? Once someone mentioned a movie I’d watched and Huimin said, “She (me) always becomes like that (fangirl mode: eyes light up, animated voice, etc) when talking about movies. ^^

proud meme

*Talking about weight loss*

Meredith: I want to lose 10kg.
Me: Me too.
Everyone: What?! But if you lose 10kg, you’ll only be XXXkg!
Me: But isn’t that the point…?
Kumar: Cherlynn you trying to promote anorexia?

I know it’s stupid but it makes me happy to know that people think I look fine (because I don’t) enough to be anorexic if I lose more weight. Sorry that 3 of these snippets are about my looks/weight hahaha I’m so depressing and shallow 🙁

cute meme

*talking about Paranormal Activity*

You You: I can smell the fifth one already.
Me: Same! it’s not even that nice but we know we are gonna watch it anyway.
You You: Why do they keep making the movies ah?
Me: Because there are people like us.

Well… it is tradition 😉 #seewhatididthere #tvdreference #delenaquote

shrugging meme

*Trip to JB with David who I wasn’t even touching in any way*

Promoter: Buy give your wife.

poker face meme

*Another trip to JB, buying tickets for The Conjuring*

Counter guy: Any kids?

I don’t even have a reply to any of these… I am so not old okay?!

eyebrow raised meme

*complaining about how people are nice only because they expect something in return*

Me: Like this annoying guy… keep buying me things even though I said I don’t want them.
David: You don’t want, just keep and give me. Say you stress and want to smoke, ask him buy you cigarettes then give me.
Me: *continuing with rant* I just relented and gave him money because I don’t wanna take his things for nothing.
David: Don’t need give him money, save the money and treat me to movies.
Me: Then he said. ‘It’s ok, you just owe me dinner’. (which brings me back to the point of my complaint)
Me: *sudden realisation* Eh if I give you the gifts I receive… it’s like you are my pimp.

lol meme gif

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