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Photos posted on a ‘notorious adult website’

So last week something annoying happened while I was away and that was the photos on my blog all could not be viewed. In their place was an error message that I’d exceeded my bandwidth but the issue turned out to be something else.

I was about to rage at Photobucket because I’m on a Premium account which costs about $50 annually, meaning that my bandwidth should be unlimited. On the plus side, at least the error message — as generic as it was — was very flattering. Anyone of you saw it? Hahaha.

Anyway, I sent Photobucket a quick email to ask about my account, and this is part of the reply I received.

 photo pb.png

Wanted to ask more like which photos, what website, etc but I didn’t bother in case they didn’t want to tell me. Plus I was on holiday anyway. Glad that the issue was resolved quick enough though. And it should be… After all, I’m a paying customer! Ugh but seriously why would you even touch my photos… They’re not even PG13, they’re just… G.

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