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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Coffee at 4am tastes especially good

By the time you are reading this, I would already be in Bangkok 🙂 Sigh can’t believe my one month holiday is almost ending! Where did all the time go?

Like how last Saturday (17 Aug) David and I made a short trip to JB and I was shocked when I counted that we were gone for 7 hours. It felt so much lesser since we didn’t even do a lot. Left at about 10pm and came back at 5am+.
Read about my previous trips here 🙂

– Watched Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters which was quite bad even though I liked the first film
– Pleased that I watched it much earlier than everyone else because it isn’t released in SG till the 29th HAHA
– Went for drinks at our usual bar (are we predictable or are we predictable)
– Lok lok at our favourite stall (ditto)
– Coffee at Old Town cafe


Miss my long hair 🙁 It’s brown in this photo from last week’s DIY dye job.

old town coffee

Love the tranquility, beauty and charm that such a night brings. Something that only night owls will understand and why I love being one. Plus there’s just something about having good conversation and coffee at 4am with one of your oldest and closest friends. Sometimes I just feel so happy and lucky to have friends like these in my very ordinary life…

Lol I think I’m so full of crap sometimes. David left a pack of cigarettes at my house so I had to go back upstairs and come down again to return it, but not before a lot of whining. I had a second pack with me in my bag at that time, which I left at home after going back upstairs… so I had to make my way back up again SIGH.

All I really wanted to do was to lie down and not move. But he refused my ‘next time’ because that would be after my Bangkok trip 🙁 Read from bottom to up:

 photo tweet2-1.jpg

More evidence of my crap:

 photo tweet1-1.jpg

So much so that David and my mother both laughed in my face when I told them about my very smart plan. Why are you guys so freaking mean!!! Then again, I haven’t missed a single meal since saying that, and I’m leaving for Bangkok in a few hours as I write this.

Lol some people know me so well, it’s hard not to love them :’)

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