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Kicking in the backseat

Been going to JB a lot recently, sometimes even an impromptu weekday trip at midnight (which is part of the fun). Love these quick getaways, however short they were. Here’s three separate trips combined into one entry (took days to finish), latest to earliest 😀

28 July (Sunday)

Believe it or not, I woke up at 7am+ which is earlier than the time I wake up on workdays -_-
Carpooled with David and Chris and off we go! Reached about 10ish I think.

jb dim sum

Some of the dim sum we had for breakfast… the rest we ate before I remembered to take a photo. Forgot the shop name but it’s quite cheap. Unusual too because ordering aside, the staff also walk around with all the food and you just pick whatever you want.

monitor lizard

The guys wanted to play Go-Karts and the journey there was a bitch because the place is so secluded and hard to find. Made loads of wrong turns, route was bumpy, uneven and fraught with potholes, reached one place and realised that they’d relocated but alas, we finally got there.

 photo IMG-20130728-WA0012.jpg

Aww so sweet :”) Hahaha! I strongly objected to playing because if there is one thing I fear as much as interviews, it is driving. Thank goodness I didn’t because the guys said the circuit was treacherous and even they, experienced drivers, found the vehicle hard to navigate.

 photo IMG-20130728-WA0002.jpg

 photo IMG-20130728-WA0003.jpg

Lol no we’re not dating/secretly seeing each other/in denial of our (non-existent) feelings despite popular belief. But every single person I know (even my colleagues who have never met him) comes to the wrong conclusion anyway. Please, we’ve known each other for 7 years!

starbucks banana chocolate cake

Went to the Premium Outlets where you can find stores for practically every luxury brand but barely entered them and ended up at Starbucks… again. Chocolate banana cake (courtesy of Chris) and Java Chip frappe 🙂

Chris: Did you guys buy anything the last time you all were here?
David: Yes… *raises Starbucks cup*

 photo IMG263.jpg

Left: Worn out from Go-Karts
Right: Brain freeze and headache from Starbuck
Me in the backseat: Sleepy from waking up earlier than usual

Hahaha thanks guys for taking turns to drive and lead the way!

tom yum steamboat
tom yum steamboat

Tom yum steamboat for dinner! 😀 The kind that comes in sets and then you can top up with ala carte items. So delicious… can’t believe it all added up to only SGD$5 each! Plus their chilli sauce is really spicy and awesome.

 photo IMG-20130728-WA0006.jpg
 photo IMG-20130728-WA0000.jpg
 photo IMG-20130728-WA0005.jpg

Went round looking for nice bars but ended up at our usual hangout. Such creatures of habit, aren’t we? Even ordered the same old bucket. They even gave us free chips and let us sing in their karaoke lounge for awhile.

Lol at first Chris volunteered to take the sucky chair but then he saw that David and I left a gap between each other on the couch. So he told David to move over because he ‘wanted to sit with us’ and I was like HE’S DOING IT ON PURPOSE DON’T THINK I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO LOL. Anyway, his plan failed because he ended up in the middle 😛

 photo IMG267.jpg

At the carwash and this was taken from inside the vehicle. Am I artsy yet?
Had lok lok (a must-have everytime I come to JB now) but it’s not as good as my favourite stall.

20 July (Saturday)

One of my favourite trips ever, with David, Chris and Abigail 🙂

jb bak kut teh

Yummy bak kut teh for lunch 😀
Then this David actually secretly wanted sushi (again) but didn’t say anything except drop hints here and there so…

sushi king

At Sushi King (cheap but I’ve had better) and this is only half of what we ordered. Lol having our orders taken and being served our food took ages but ask for the bill and it’s the complete opposite. Topped off our meal with Starbucks afterwards… and it’s only midday hahaha.

 photo IMG-20130721-WA0011.jpg

Decided to watch Man Of Tai Chi (exceed my very low expectations) but the only good timing was for the LUXE theatre. RM18 each which is still cheaper than Singapore. Cinema was near empty and the seats were so spacious 😀

 photo IMG-20130721-WA0005.jpg

 photo IMG-20130721-WA0010.jpg

Had two buckets since there were four of us this time but I went to the toilet at least seven times in the next 30 minutes. I know it’s normal but even at Mulligan’s with my colleagues, I go to the toilet more than anyone else -_- and no it’s not because I drank more.

 photo IMG-20130721-WA0003.jpg

 photo IMG-20130721-WA0008.jpg

Christopher, Abigail, David and me 🙂

 photo IMG-20130721-WA0007.jpg

 photo IMG-20130721-WA0004.jpg

Took many attempts to get decent shots because of all the flashing disco lights.

 photo IMG-20130721-WA0009.jpg

 photo IMG239.jpg

Food, food and more food yay. BBQ stingray though it’s not as good as what I’ve had in Singapore. Chilli isn’t spicy enough and feels like it hasn’t been been barbecued to the right degree.

 photo IMG237.jpg

Lok lok from my favourite stall which has the most kickass chilli ever. Sigh now I’m craving it all the time.

 photo IMG236.jpg

Lol it’s funny how they were playing Badges Of Fury on a big screen for public viewing, which was the very same movie David and I watched a few weeks back when we were last in JB.

 photo IMG-20130721-WA0001.jpg

Went karaoke after that but we only sang for an hour because it was pretty late. Then we realised we were actually just getting warmed up and it wasn’t enough 🙁

30 June (Sunday)

Was on leave, hehehe. Only me and David this time. Went to loads of places including Bukit Indah, Sutera, KSL, Premium Outlets, watched a movie etc but I didn’t take photos until dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. I slept a lot during the travelling :l

 photo SAM_1029.jpg

Really good mussels!

 photo SAM_1032.jpg

~~ My Magic Bread Sticks ~~
Lol I think I manually blurred the background till the photo is damn weird -_- (?)
Cos my camera can’t focus properly for nuts.

 photo SAM_1033.jpg

Food took super long to come and we were suggesting theories as to why. Like maybe they overturned the whole platter and had to cook everything again. Was so freaking hungry followed by so freaking full…

 photo SAM_1035.jpg
 photo SAM_1038.jpg
 photo SAM_1039.jpg
 photo SAM_1041.jpg

Sigh time passed so quickly during all three trips even though they lasted from morning till after midnight!! 🙁 Partly due to spending so much time on the road, getting to places. Might be going to KL next 😀

So bummed because the three of them are in Langkawi and I didn’t go with them. Thought I couldn’t go at first so I told them to go ahead without me. Realised I could go but they already booked tickets and prices had increased. The cheaper alternative was to take a coach and transit at KL but they said I’d definitely get lost. David offered to change his plane ticket into my name while he take the coach. Made me super touched hahaha. But it was so last notice and troublesome so I insisted they go ahead without me.

Felt like I let them down because they were all so keen for me to go… though it’s enough for me to feel so wanted :’)
Love how spontaneous everyone is. Hope we get to go on more trips together!

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