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More disturbing search terms

There, there, it’s really okay… I Google for way too much weird shit too so who am I to judge?

Lololol sorry whoever searched for the one about ‘fucking’ and ended up disappointed because there is nothing close to the act on my PG13 blog HAHAHA. He/she probably got directed to the ‘My lecturer is a teenage girl’ posts where I was complaining about John Ho. And since they are complaints, I probably swore.

All the period and panties-related terms would be because of the ‘Reasons why periods suck’ post, which funnily remains one of my most popular entries even today. When I wrote it, I was a bit paiseh and had no idea girls would like it and comment on how relatable it is.

Another still-popular post I’m proud of would be the ‘Guide to fixing your Tumblr ask’. Had no idea it would actually help so many people, and thank you everyone for the feedback and sharing the link around! 🙂

Just a fun filler post in my attempt to update daily. Done writing another proper entry but I’m waiting to receive photos. Trying to schedule and auto-publish as many posts as possible too for when I’m away in Bangkok next week.

 photo c77024b8063711e3b1c622000aa8000f_7.jpg

In other boring news, I dyed my hair! Don’t think you can tell from this picture, though it’s not very obvious in the first place anyway. Just an ordinary brown. I was helping my mother dye her hair, saw an extra bottle of Liese hair dye from last time, and decided to join in the fun too.

What an awkward selfie, taken when I just woke up today… I very nearly deleted it right after posting it on Instagram. Yes I installed the app again, this time on the iPad I bought for my mother. Been using the iPad quite a lot lately because of Carousell and I am amazed by the camera’s stunning clarity. It’s like even better than my digital camera??

Love you all readers, especially the regular ones! ^^

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