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Reasons why periods suck

  • You have no idea when it’s gonna strike.
  • You could wake up with the red sea in your panties.
  • Or it chooses to creep up on you while you are out. Without a pad.
  • It’s never on schedule no matter how long you’ve had it.
  • That icky feeling that we all know.
  • Stupid bizarre cravings.
  • No cold drinks. At all.
  • OMG cramps – hurts like fuck.
  • 7 shittiest days of the month.
  • Whereby I don’t feel like doing anything at all.
  • Except lie down and squirm in agony and sleep.
  • You wonder why you have to put up with this shit every month
  • My usually near-zero productivity is reduced to negative.
  • Feel like the crappiest and ugliest person ever
  • But you don’t even care anymore
  • Just willing for the days to pass quickly and it to be all over
  • Pads aren’t exactly the most comfortable thing on Earth.
  • Must remember to carry extra pads when going out.
  • Have to avoid white bottoms and go for dark colors.
  • The smell is like rotten fish.
  • Your pee is red not yellow anymore.
  • I don’t even like the color red.
  • Peeing and pooing are more gross than ever.
  • The constant feeling of want-to-shit-don’t-want-to-shit
  • It always leaks especially when sleeping.
  • Not only do I have to keep changing pads.
  • I have to keep changing panties and sometimes my pants too.
  • Don’t even talk about leaking when you are outside.
  • Staining your bedsheets is worse than staining your clothes.
  • So you gotta sleep in some awkward position to avoid that at all costs.
  • After taking a shower, you can’t wipe your vagina with your towel.
  • Because the blood will stain it.
  • So you have to put your underwear right away without drying it .
  • And it feels all weird.
  • My already rotten temper takes a turn for the worse.
  • You can feel it flow when you sneeze, cough, laugh, jump, stand, ANYTHING.
  • And then it repeats all over again before you know it

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Good things about periods:

  • Knowing you are not pregnant

76 Replies to “Reasons why periods suck”

  • So true, im on mine right now and im sooo pissed off all i am doing is sitting on my lazy butt and eating cookies all day. Ugh this sucks !!!

  • YES! 100% TRUE. Ugh, pad’s. I hate when they leak through and you ruin your favorite undies :(. I got these new one’s, that have peace sign’s and glow in the dark. . 3 Day’s later period start’s, BYEBYE NEW UNDIES! 🙁

  • Omg!! Yes middle of the night cramps are the worst when u can’t sleep they hurt so bad AND having ur period during gymnastics suckss!!

  • totall agree with most of this. but sooo much of this could be fixed with tampons 10000000000000x better than pads. also cold drinks? sometimes they give me cramps but start the whole cycle over what??? but on the whole this is very funny and soo relateable haha

    • But the good thing with pads you don’t have to time how long it’s been in or try to remember if the last one was taken out… had a friend find hers in her vaginia 3 days after…. gross….

  • Omggg! I’m on my period right now and it sucksss butttttttttttt! These comments and ur reasons got my crackin up! Lol. Made my sucky day. 🙂

  • Havent gotten mine yet. (Thank god) 😉 but these were great tips so when I do get it, i can know what I will go through. Thanks. Your really funny! (:

  • I’m on mine now. I’m laying down on my bed reading this with a Ipad. I’m to mad to get up because.
    1) The feeling you get when you get up.
    2) Having to check your underwear to see if u stained wear your buttcrack starts.

  • lol so true but tampoons make everything SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much(alot more o’s) better, and cold drinks? i’ve never had that problem

  • AHHH This is so true, I have to go to a meeting tommorow and my period is late and i’m so worried it will come in the middle of the meeting when I CANNOT for any reason step out!!

  • Also standing up – feels like a waterfall in your pants :/
    I have to use both tampon and pads. at the same time D: Mother nature is a bitch.

  • Those are fucki’n true!!! All of it… in fact that’s the reason I searched for the article… I feel every single thing right now! ugh!-_-

  • im on my period rite now and i feel like shit and i had to explain to my male teacher why i had to go to the bathroom

  • I had to look this up to make me feel better cause I jut destroyed my only pair of sweatpants and my favorite pair of underwear. think you for making me feel better!!!!!

  • AAARRRGGHH! I know right!!Its disgusting,painful and irritating. and it’s even more annoying when boys dont get how you feel during your period. They think we’re over reacting…that pisses me off SO much X(

  • mine used to be on schedule…still sucked but atleast i would know when im getting them…now they became “synced” with my sister’s cuz we share a room and it’s sooooo annoying cuz i have no idea when im gonna get it and i have exams coming up….this list is the story of my life -.-

  • I usually wake up in the morning on a beautiful sunny day and go pee thinking its gonna be an amazing day, I’m gonna exercise, swim, go on a date with that hottie from science class and maybe wear my white shorts or maybe the peach o-‘wipes’ oh crap!!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN AND MY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!!!! My back hurts, my boobs hurt, I crave taco bell, I cry while watching transformers, I yell at my sister to shut up randomly, and most of all I just want all the boys to fall of the face of the earth because they laugh and say “you’ll live”. Bish please

  • Totally how I feel now. I just want to stay in my bed with the covers over my head. Not go to my freshman night. At least my period will be over by the start of school. But thank you Mother Nature for ruining my last 4 days of freedom. Oh, and try traveling out of state for the day. It’s the friggen red sea in your vigina and underwear. Goodbye skinny jeans, and the occasional skirt. Thanks for the cramps and bloating. I’m gonna go take Ibuprofen now.

  • it always comes at the most fucking awkwardest moments, and on your busiest weekends, i had to cheer at a game, go to chuck e cheese for a birthday party and theres a cookout/swimming pool party and i have year book pictures so ill have major acne and what not. fml forreal and also im pissing everyone off cuz im on bitch mode, come at me, ill cut you. then we can bleed together lol sorry .

  • And, this may sound kinda gross, it makes me feel all itchy on my vagina, so idk what the fuck to do about it!

    • Lmao this is so funny BUT very on mine now and im fuckin MISERABLE ^_^ I swear if I did’nt want kids I would have my uterus removed :/

      • My thoughts: as soon as I’m old enough I’m getting it removed. I don’t give a fuck I’ll fucking adopt. There are too many brats in the world anyway. And I’m not risking having a daughter that I have to buy pads for.

  • Omg this list is so true.Periods are such a waste of time,money,and energy.Yesterday I was very light even though it was only the 2nd day so today i decided not to wear a pad or tampon and went out shopping.Then i felt A LOT oozing out ugh it was so gross when i went to the bathroom my undies were soaked.So i went home and put in a tampon,then threw out my panties.4 hours later i pull out the tampon and there’s barely ANY BLOOD. i feel so dumb and mad!!

    • I swear to god periods just know how to fuck with you so much. I barely bleed ALL FUCKING DAY then at night with MAXI PADS I have to change every half hour unless I want them leaking or use like three at a time if I want two hours of sleep. FML

  • Yep. I just started yesterday, for the first time. This thing is so stupid, and I don’t know why it’s necessary. Amen to this post! And screw Mother Nature!

  • OMG I agree with everything. I just found one of the coolest things that makes my period suck less. It’s called Scensibles Bags–easy to use and tie disposal bags that are scented. Now I am no longer embarrassed to have my boyfriend come over during that time.

  • well, this is perfect.. i looked this up in the middle of class and me and my friend were doing a class project. we wanted to be stupid and look up why periods suck cause we were on them at tht time and cramping like fuck. we BUSTED out laughing and my teacher read the whole thing….. and… laughed harder than we did!!! loveeddddd it!! all is SOOOO true

  • Everything that you said was true. I’m 30 years old and mines came on this morning while I was sleeping in bed. It was also 3 days late and I was already getting a little worried because I always come on either on the 27th or 28th of every month so I’m pretty regular. I was glad to see it come on (had engaged in some risky behavior with the bf) but it sucks! I’m moody, feel huge, nothing in my kitchen is what I want to eat and these pads during the hot month of June is not what I want to be. 5 days of this crap…smh!

  • so very true no matter what your age. floods are horrible, blood is discusting and nausiating, you have cramps everywhere, eveb ones that seem like contractions inside, hips hurt, pain is there, have to worry about floods, limits what you can do, feel gross and wish it was over or a guy, migranes don;t help either or feeling like passing out because of it all. wish it never had to happen, lasts too long because it is always more then a week.

  • also pains, back, stomach, hip, leg, waist line, headache, nausia,dizzy, vomitting, blood, floods, soacked clothing, dripping feelings, stomach aches, not fun, not wanting to be home, anxiety is stronger then normal, up at night, eveb is even
    sickning feeling, cant wait until next friday, when it is all over!!!

  • omg This is true i woke this morning thinking it was gonna be a good and normal day and i end up starting my period the worst part is i didnt think i was gonna start it this week so im at my grandmas house with nothing but just toilet paper ugh! atleast this made me laugh

  • Worst thing ever.. You don’t feel like yourself.. And I find that I constantly have a hard time doing just normal things.

    and you cant wear things you usually do because they don’t fit like they usually do…

  • So true!!!!!!!!! I’m on mine at the moment, and REALLY pissed off coz I was invited to a swimming party….and can’t go because of the period. :/

  • Tampons motherfucker… seriously whoever invented them deserves a medal. You stick one in, take a painkiller, and voila, it’s like its not there. TAMPONS ARE SO MUCH BETTER AND YOU CAN’T EVEN FEEL THEM… a pad is like wearing a nappy -.-

  • HOLY CRAP YES. finally a page that doesnt talk about why you shouldnt hate ur period! why should u love it anyway?!? im on my period now and i freaking feel like i just want to die. the cramps are drving me up the wall. and i just ran out of pads. FML. so now i have to tell my dad why i need to go to cvs right now.

  • Plus, I don’t like Pads OR tampons. Shoving something up your lady crack? gross. and pads feel like a big bloody daiper.

  • Omyygod this is so true I hate taking a crap it suck and then guys are like “well I’d we get kicked in the balls it really hurts and you girls have it easy.” and I like excuse me have you even tried giving birth to something the size of a watermelon through down ther? No. Have you been bleeding down there for one week nonstop? I don’t think so!

    • No but I’m like on my period right now (for the fucking first time may I add) and I want to kill my phone my pillow everything that makes noise… go. Jump. Off. A. Cliff. If you can’t tell I’m in a shitty mood. I’m volenteering tomorrow. How fucking embarrassing

  • This is so true. It feels like someone is stabbing you in the stomach and butt every 2 minutes for 7 days. HOLY CRAP FML and I’m sitting here eating chocolate reading this while clenching my sides in pain >___< owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • I gotta agree with every single one of these!!! X_X i am on my period right now and omg i am in school. sweatpants are good for periods but it sucks when the blood seeks through my undies T_T… its worse when u cough or sneeze because all this blood oozes out and ughhhh 🙁

  • Okay, mine doesn’t smell like much of anything, let alone Totten fish…that sounds problematic, lol….everything else, I agree with. Being a pussy parent is tough.

  • I am on mine and I hate it. I snezzed and I ruined my fav pair of undies. Whenever I stand up I have to check if I leaked….. my grandmother is taking me and my sister to the mall to walk around while on my period hope it goes away by then on 2nd day have for 3 days -_-

  • Hate periods, these are all so true!! It sucks, I have it now and basically all day today everything I sit on, when I get up there is a red patch plus woke up this morning to find my bed sheets had turned into the Japanese flag overnight, hate it! Pads are so uncomfortable, but i have tried tampons and I just can’t put them in! I’m scared I’ll do it wrong, or get Toxic shock syndrome, plus the idea of sticking something up there is horrid to me! So yeah, so true and #hate periods.

  • Laughed my ass off. My daughter complains every month. Menopause ain’t a picnic, but trust me, you will welcome it when it comes. Hallelujah, I’m two years in. There is hope! 🙂

  • They feel like MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!! Stand up sit down FUKN water fall So nasty and disgusting When i’m on my period I always feel like my pants are wet I check nothin there just blood on the pad.I HATE THIS!!!! WORST THING THAT GIRLS HAVE TO GO THROUGH IN THEIR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well we girls have to get used to those PROBLEMATIC MOTHERFUCKERS cause we gonna have them our whole lives so…… Might as well be living hell with red liquid every month. LIFE IS A BITCH

  • damned assed frickin tak ovr ma lafe dose prds. dickhead fuckin shittttt!!! >:O am not gunna have no fuckin blood suckin kidz in the future soo i dont need to suffer. i shold jus ave ma hole frickin shitty disgustin UTEROUS REMOVED from my AGONIZED boday. i cant stand dis anymor. hoo needs fuckin leaches like those cry-a-river-i-want-my-own-way kidz. not me woodnt dreaam of havin dem so dat meens no need 4 stoopid period!!!! damn u stoopid reproduction system a can liv without ur gross bodily flooids an blood an mucos an disjarge an blud. who needs sex not me sex is the grossest thing EVAH i am 13 yrs old totallay mature itz da dammed trooth. sex is gross
    PS WHO LIKES HAL9000 “I DO!!!!!!”



  • I started mine today, this post and the comments got my cracking up!!! Lol thanks for making me feel a lot better!! Can’t even feel the cramps right now. But going #2 is the WORST when you are in your period ugh. I will live off of water and crackers for the next week I guess

  • Oh my god this is so true. Another terrible thing: when your friends all suddenly want to hang out right when you start and you have to explain it to all of them -_- or just having it at school in general WITH ALL FUCKING DUDE TEACHERS. and overall it’s gross and not worth it. I’ll fucking adopt.

  • Got mine today and totally googled “periods suck” because I needed some support! Only us girls understand…I get peeved with the male gender because they have nothing on this. And then there’s the whole planning your schedule around whether you feel like going out or doing anything, because either your stomach’s tearing itself apart or you need to be constantly near a toilet ugh.

  • Haha so true!! Thanks for that :L Feel so shit right now , just had the heaviest of the heaviest and it was not pretty :\? i just want it to go basically. XD its apart of life though but dont understand the meaning of periods and is annoying that men dont have them 😐 if they did they’d understand what us woman have to go through :\

  • One more bad thing about period:

    It doesn’t even confirm you’re not pregnant 100%, some people still have them whilst pregnant

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  • Omg yesss! They fucking suck, especially when you have a softball practice in the middle of your time when it’s the worst and put toilet paper up your butt to collect some blood but since you’re running around the toilet paper falls out of your undies and pants and everyone sees then knows your on your period and yeah they are the worst things ever!

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