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To New York and back

At AMK Hub’s New York New York with Amos and Linus on 7 June (Friday). Watched Now You See Me which was spectacular like I’ve said umpteenth times but will still keep saying anyway.

So slow with my updates that the place closed down even before my entry is up. That’s what I heard but I’m not sure if it’s true. It’s been so long that I can’t even remember any of the food’s names… You can probably take a trip to the real New York in the States and I’ll still not be done with one post when you are back.

Guess who ate what… Actually, you know what? Nevermind. Mine’s a no-brainer as usual.

 photo SAM_0892.jpg

 photo SAM_0894.jpg

 photo SAM_0896.jpg

 photo SAM_0889.jpg

 photo SAM_0890.jpg

 photo SAM_0891.jpg

 photo SAM_0897.jpg

 photo SAM_0899.jpg

Can see all the steam…

 photo SAM_0902.jpg

Super sinful mud pie oh gosh

 photo SAM_0900.jpg

 photo SAM_0901.jpg

 photo SAM_0904.jpg

Fried mars balls (?) but it was too chewy for my liking

 photo SAM_0906.jpg

Just a filler post… occupied with loads of other stuff. And yes I haven’t forgotten about the announcement I wanted to make, but I haven’t had time to even start writing about it. Visiting the vet later, hope all goes well…

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