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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

What if I die before I finish these

Applies to everything actually. People tell me that I buy too much but they don’t understand that it’s never enough. Be it books, movies, clothes, shoes, bags. I can always buy and keep them first. Though half the time it’s the thrill of buying and owning things I don’t need 😀 Whatever, I ❤ all that I own and feel a profound sense of pride just by looking at all I have.

So many movies to watch this year!!! Was telling some people about how the cinemas have earned a lot from this year. Particularly Cathay. Particularly its Cineleisure outlet -_- But seriously, everything is so nice or or looks so good.

Want to watch these so bad:

The Purge (like since forever)
The Conjuring (I want to watch every single horror movie actually)
Before Midnight (waiting for a torrent as it’s the dialogue-heavy kind of movie that’s more suited for home viewing)
Catching Fire (the only series whose trailer can make me so overwhelmed that I cry and get goosebumps)
This Is The End (why hasn’t this been released in Singapore??? The date was said to be 18 July!)
Tales From The Dark Part 2 (saw Part 1 few days back yay I fudging love Hong Kong cinema!)
Great Expectations (ended screening before I got to see it T_T)
That Girl In Pinafore
The Bling Ring
American Hustle
Romeo And Juliet
Stuck In Love (because Jennifer Connelly)
The Internship (because Owen Wilson)
Passion (Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace? I’m in!)
Getaway (lol the third Ethan Hawke movie in this list but I genuinely want to watch the movies for their plot)
12 Years A Slave (why would I pass up another Steve McQueen-Michael Fassbender collaboration?)
Paranormal Activity 5 (its release date has been pushed back from November to January next year WHY)

Lol and the list will only expand as time passes. My watchlist started off a year ago with 58 movies and as of now, it has 938 titles wtf I kid you not. Thanks to Yahoo Answers for letting me know about so many interesting movies. My film lists on Tumblr add up to only 300+ movies.

Planning to create a Goodreads account and organise my reading list too. My accounts on Fictionpress, Fanfiction, Wattpad and manga sites all have a Favourite list, a Following (what if you guys never update and complete the stories ever again?) list, a Reading list, and a Completed (those not good enough to be in Favourites) list HAHAHA.

 photo IMG275-horz.jpg

Proud of my cheap outfit:

Bow tube dress – $7
Fake leather jacket – $1
High-heeled fur boots – $10

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for accessories:

Silver necklace – $13
Forever 21 bow clutch – $25

 photo IMG280-horz.jpg

At Cineleisure (see what I mean hahaha) last Friday.
Still using my lousy spare phone even though it’s been months because I am still undecided as to which phone to change. Now I feel like getting the Note 2 even though it’s too big because it comes in pink LOL

 photo IMG278.jpg
 photo furboots.jpg

According to the date on this photo, I got this pair of heels on 23 April last year, at a basement sale in Northpoint 😀 Size 36 was on display so I tried it on but it couldn’t fit. The salesgirl said the only other size left was Size 41 and I felt super sad (I’m a 37) but asked her to let me try them on for the kick anyway. Wouldn’t you know it, it actually fit like a glove! O_O Probably due to the small cutting.

Day made!!!!

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