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Free shopping… and more

Today feels like an early Christmas and adds on to the list of why this year is awesome. It all started about two weeks ago when I received a call while running at the gym. For some weird reason I answered it though I didn’t stop running at all throughout the convo because I didn’t want to lose the momentum.

This woman from Nee Soon Central CC asked if I would be interested in an event at Chong Pang CC where we would get to choose clothes, all of which were FREE and BRAND NEW. All I had to do was to turn up with my IC at 8.45am and I could even bring one female aged 16-60 so I gave my mom’s name.

So this morning we went despite being clueless about everything. The only info I really had was ‘pick free clothes’. Registered our names, queued for awhile and woohoo we made it into the first batch of 20.

We were given McChicken Burger each as refreshments and there was even a free polaroid-taking session.

 photo SAM_1073.jpg
 photo SAM_1075-tile.jpg

Then we were allowed into this indoors hall where all the clothes were. I was hopping it was not the kind of grab as many as you can in xxx seconds or those you have to play games for because I was so not in the mood for that on a Saturday morning. Luckily it turned out to be much more organised.

Every person could pick one item from the red zone (tops, bottoms, dresses), one item from the orange zone (underwear , stockings), and one item from the yellow zone (shoes, bags, accessories in sets of five). Not bad, quite a lot to choose from!

Spent quite a long time choosing till the staff was telling everyone to hurry up because they were gonna let the next batch in. We got a black dress, a pair of black shorts, a pair of fur boots, a bag and bras between the both of us.

river island bag

Ahhh definitely my favourite find of the day! And it’s from River Island — a shop I have never bothered entering because the things are so pricey. The price tag on this bag says $106!

river island bag
fur boots

Second favourite find! Fur boots which I can share with my mom because we have the same shoe size 😀
The price tag on the soles say $139

fur boots
fur boots

So we went to checkout the items and I thought that was all. But no… they gave us a goodie bag containing drinks and a bottle of hand lotion each. Followed by an ang bao too. You’ll never guess how much it contained…

 photo SAM_1072.jpg


When we finally left the hall, there were free accessories for us to choose and take as many as we like from.
Wtf is this real life of is this fantasy!!!? I still can’t believe how lucky we were.  I was told only about free clothes (they really were brand new) and it turned out to be so much more asdfghjkl

First time hearing of such an event in my neighbourhood. During the phone convo, the woman said I was eligible because I’d applied for some bursary in 2011 (which I got) and it’s an event for lower-income families (can’t stand it when people say I’m rich just by judging from my shopping habits lulz).

My mom and I were saying that we would totally be uneligible if the saw the amount of stuff I have at home and if they knew we were going to Bangkok in a few weeks time 😀 Woohoo can use the extra cash to do more shopping then HAHAHA. Thanks so much whoever contributed to the event!!! In terms of:

1) Free food
2) Free polaroids
3) Free clothes/shoes/bags/accessories
4) Free goodie bag
5) Free cash

 photo IMG282.jpg
 photo IMG284.jpg

Brunch afterwards… what a splendid day! Glad to have spent it with the one person I love unconditionally 🙂
Just realised that I didn’t arrange the food properly before the photo because three meatballs are hidden lol.

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