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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Why I disappeared

In the mood to say whatever I like and everything I feel.  Doesn’t matter if it offends anyone because those who will feel that way are probably those I don’t care about anyway. Why am I so hostile and bitchy all the time 😀

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1) Annoying people

Zero privacy!!! Acquaintances I don’t even like that much telling me what to do or giving me shit after reading my blog (which has no mention of them in the least…). Because they think they know me very well or have the right to do so just by being a blog reader. Lol wanna laugh at those that only started talking to me for awhile and yet think they can be as close to me like my friends are.

Many of my friends don’t read my blog — and they don’t have to because they are part of the blog 🙂 I don’t really care who reads it (I’d rather not know) and anyone is welcome to actually, but I’d honestly prefer it my blog isn’t brought up in real-life conversations because I’m self-conscious like that.

Especially if you are going to be creepy. Like I was just trying to get rid of Some Random Jerk who was going on about about not ‘understanding’ me (that’s the point, isn’t it) and I just said “No one gets me anw so whatever”. Reply I got:

 photo shot_000008.png

1 ) I didn’t mean it that literally, 2) So NOT socially acceptable especially when I have never told you about my friends, you just knew about them from going through my WhatsApp list and online activity.

Sometimes I even say certain things on purpose in hopes that people will be turned off and stop talking to me -.-

2) Depressive episode thanks to Hello Kitty

Remember my earlier entry on how I was gonna brave the haze and take a look at the queues? So I went with my dad — who insisted on driving me because my mom was convinced I was going to get kidnapped or lost in the haze — and we ended up queuing for 90 minutes at the drive-through till 2am.

I was really happy and thought it was worth it though, because I got two of the Ugly Ducklings. Even took photos for work the next day while I was there. Treated my whole family to McDonald’s too LOL.

ugly duckling hello kitty

Friend gave me a third one. I posted this photo on McDonald’s fb fanpage asking if anyone wanted to trade me any of the earlier ones in the same collection. Was surprised to get a few replies but I only responded to one. So now I have two ducks and one Red Riding Hood.

I did feel like I picked the right person because he was super spontaneous and said he wanted to get the toy for his daughters. It was a Saturday and I offered to meet halfway but he said he’ll drive to my block, and told me to stay indoors because of the haze 😀 He came with his two daughters, we traded and I thought that was it.

A week later he talked to me on WhatsApp again, asking when I would be free to meet up and that he could “buy me dinner at Northpoint. I asked what for and he said to catch up but he’s “not asking anything from me”. Me being me, I made up some lame excuse about having to work night shift so I’ll have to check, and I haven’t replied since HAHAHA.

I don’t know what’s more odd. The fact that I have only met him for five minutes or the fact that he has kids. Then again maybe it’s just me and my reluctance to bother with people I can’t see myself being friends with a decade down the road.

Anyway, I went to queue for the black, limited edition Singing Bone the following week, but apparently I underestimated my fellow countrymen because I queued till 2am again and didn’t get shit! I didn’t think that would happen until I saw the queue for myself wtf.

 photo shot_000022.png

“Queued for 3 hrs and didn’t get shit.”
All single ticks because everyone’s asleep -_- I even complained to my editor HAHA. He was like damn surprised and replied,“Huh???? You didn’t get?!!” I know right, tell me about it.

Too lazy to repeat my whole experience but I wrote about it on this article as ‘a STOMPer’ LOL.
Seriously though, why the fuck did fucking Mac’s have to suddenly give out coupons and not inform us about it prior?

I went home to stroke my guinea pigs instead 🙁 Ughhh I’d wanted the plushie so bad.
It’s okay, not even 100 Singing Bones will make me trade my furballs.

The appeal of something increases by leaps and bounds when you can’t have it and that was the same in this case. I was like damn depressed but people still kept bothering with superficial shit like Some Random Jerk [see above], such that I changed my WhatsApp status to ‘No Hello Kitty No Talk’.

Got over it after a week though. I actually know of a website where I could get a Singing Bone for just $7 but I didn’t bother. It makes a difference queuing and getting it for yourself because you worked hard for it. There’s no kick otherwise. Meh!!

Funnily enough, I got put in charge of all Hello Kitty-related articles at work for the whole of next day but it made me be in high spirits instead of rubbing salt into my wounds. Crazy happening day because there were so many pics and emails due to all the queues, fights, scalpers, auctions etc. But I love the adrenaline rush.


3) Went on leave

For a week! 😀 Planned to go to Bangkok but it ended up being too much of a rush so I’m going in August instead yay. Didn’t do much but just slacked around at home and avoided the real world. I think the only site I had updates on was Yahoo Answers and I let everyone assume I was overseas.

Woohoo I love the hermit life.
Basically here’s what I did whenever I wasn’t out:

– Read loads of fics
– Finished one manga (3 mini-sequels to go)
– Finished Japanese drama based on manga
– Watched more than 10 movies
– Played way too much Battleon and Theme Hospital

Excerpts from this one fic [x] about a girl who left her hometown in the middle of the night because she got pregnant.
Omg I can’t!!!! And yeah the tears… hahaha.

 photo fic1.jpg

 photo fic2.jpg

Super shiok holiday ^_^ Just started another one, ha!
That’s about it… more updates to come!

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