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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Fast times at BBQ Chicken High

These days (which is actually since a long time ago) all I feel like doing is immersing myself in literature (everything readable) and cinema (everything watchable). Can’t really be arsed about blogging anymore even though I should because it’s quite costly to maintain every year. I want to create a book list too leh! But I’d want to add all my (fan)fics and they don’t have covers…

Taking a week’s break before I go back to work next week as a part-timer 😀
Anw I forced myself to blog so here I am. Drafted this weeks ago actually.

7 August at Clarke Quay with classmates!

There are lots of photos but I can’t be bothered to post most of them due to shitty quality from bad lighting and my camera was being wonky. Actually its last outing before it completely died so. That was Canon and I’m using Samsung now. Oh plus we were all looking so worn out (I refuse to use the word ‘shag’ or ‘cui’ at all) from school.

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies ‘n’ cream
It’s so hard to guess which is mine, I know 🙁

This was Muz’s haha
I had my usual as usual lol what am I talking about

That awful-looking person behind Darilene is not me k bye

Posting these only because they are group photos…
Ugh yuck hate how I look (still do)

Walked around awhile then we sat on the ledge in a row, whereby we had to pass a message on to the next person and then see if the final messages tallies with the original. Hahahaha damn funny!!! Don’t think we even had one completely successful turn.

Most memorable one was this quote from Batman Begins:

“Why bats, Master Wayne?”
“Bats frighten me. It’s time my enemies shared my dread.”

Because we watched Dark Knight Rises together previously and were all in the Batman craze.
When that particular quote reached the end, it became:

“Why dark? Hahahahahaha… I dunno.”

Good times 🙂

16 October at Northpoint with Amos and Danial!

This was the last time I saw Danial >:( Still better than Yixuan though hahaha. Amos and I are the only ones in our clique of four who meet regularly, just like Darilene and I. But it’s okay! Finally meeting all 3 guys this Sunday so yay 😀

Northpoint’s outlet is the best! 🙂

Amos complained that he didn’t know his baked pasta is tomato based

Danial complained about his fried chicken

Me: If you wanted fried chicken, you should have just gone to KFC.
He: … that makes so much sense I don’t have anything to argue back.

This is why I stick with my usual muahaha
Char-grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and coleslaw 😀
Of course, not forgetting…

Went to watch Looper with Amos after that 🙂

19 October at Northpoint with the girls!

They said my twitpic from the above made them feel like eating BBQ Chicken too so three days later and I’m back here hahaha. Though I ate lunch at 4pm and this was dinnertime, plus I ordered the same thing again so I felt kinda sick. But it’s okay, went home and ate mom’s chilli crab 😀

Thank you girls for coming over to Yishun 😛

Don’t worry, I’m not addicted to BBQ Chicken, haven’t been there since!
And I’ve never watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High actually but idc, it just sounds nice.

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