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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Last Friday Night

Dinner and drinks with colleagues at Mulligan’s last Friday (25 Jan)! 😀 Good food, good music, good company and alcohol, what more can one ask for? Did shots too before leaving hehehe. Thanks Kenneth for the treat! 🙂

Didn’t take other photos because of the bad lighting and the flash made us all look so overexposed lol. Luckily I hid behind in this photo!! Not a complete group photo though, because some didn’t make it, some left early and some came later.

But it’s a lot better than the ST party I went to with Sarah and Terence months back. Only 3 of us from the office and the food wasn’t even that good. Will post photos soon!

Very touched because most of my colleagues live in the East but my editor wanted me to share cab with them and drop me off first T_T in the end I shared with Suren who’s heading towards YCK and just as I’d expected, he didn’t want to take money from me. I feel like a parasite because I didn’t pay for anything that day.

But nvm, I have another 6 months to return everybody’s since I’m staying on as a temp staff 😀 I have mixed feelings about it… Part of me thinks I’m crazy to sign on for another half a year but it’s a really good opportunity plus I already like the job. If I don’t take it, I’m going to end up loafing at home at home anyway. Totally not the kind to go look for jobs outside because I have a phobia of interviews -_-

Of course I have to get over it sometime but until then… anyway for someone who’s always been simply cruising through life without worry and taking things as they come, who likes to avoid reality as much as I can, the uncertainty of the future now really sucks.

Honestly I hate being asked 2 type of questions most in conversations – future plans and boyfriends. It’s as if what answer you give determines the kind of person you are when they don’t even know you. And sometimes, there are just no definite answers and I can’t be bothered to carry on talking about it. Like just mind your own business can?!

Ok loads of important decisions that will potentially change my life…

– Should I cut my hair? I REALLY don’t want to but I think I *should*
– I want to make a debit card but POSB or OCBC???
– University, university, university…

Aiya it’s Sunday so I’m going to take a break from thinking for now.

But one last thing – sometimes I’m surprised at how nice people can be, like being nice is not supposed to be normal. Not that people are rarely nice to me la. But being in a class where everyone hates everyone for 3 years changes you and the way you think, I guess. Don’t think TEP helped matters by cooping everyone up in one room for 8 hours everyday either. Plus I don’t think I’m a nice person to start with.

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