twiinklex ❤

Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

“Chomp Chomp group strikes again”

More good times with A3 (x)(x)

At Oni Cupcakes

Box of cupcakes Cak3 Box gave us to take home

At Scoopz where they are known for ice cream but somehow we ended up eating more cakes instead 😀

Brought them coffee one day since we are all lovers of the beverage!

Miss those times, our adventures with food and all the heart to hearts. Of course there were also bad times that I’d rather forget about and I’m not exactly proud of certain things I did or choices I made. But still a significant portion of happy memories of TEP came from them 🙂

Still talk to them every now and then but not as much as I’d like… I miss spazzing over EXO/Hunger Games/Battle Royal/TVD etc together! I still think I have the best group no matter what happened?? Or maybe my memory is being selective again.

Also like this picture taken during TPE a lot ^^

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