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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.


A3 = My production group
C3 = NYPTV food segment “Chomp Chomp Campus”

Writing scripts, filming, and countless rounds of editing. Sometimes it gets really mundane and boring but then sometimes it can get pretty fun too! I think my group is infamous in the class for covering Chomp Chomp stories ahahaha. And yes this is obviously going to be a food post ;D (photos from my digicam, my phone, Qiya’s phone)

19 April (Thursday)

Ordered 2 burgers with fries and 2 sides to share among us.
Had 3 different juices also and I love mine although I have completely forgotten all the names hahaha

All vegan food, quite nice but being a meat lover, nothing beats real meat!!
And the prices are obviously higher too.

Coffee macaroon Nyna and I shared 😀 Our very first taste of a marcaroon!
From this cupcake store we were resting at because of the rain.

Quite funny actually because Qiya was the only one with an umbrella then she ahd to shelter us one by one across the roads. Then our cameras were all covered with plastic bags HAHA. But we didn’t get enough interviews so we’re just putting this story aside as a backup. Half sad half happy because can film more Chomp Chomp!!!

24 April (Tuesday)

Aka best day ever because 1) so much yummy food all for free 2) everyone was so nice to us 3) ended a lot earlier that we even had time and mood to chill at a cafe 😀  It just so happened that we weren’t planning to return to school so we had all our belongings with us so I had my digicam to take photos!! 😀

Me pretending to flip through the menu

Then the awesome part came because we expected to just buy some stuff to try but it turned out to be a full-blown food-tasting session. And they just kept bringing a new dish over to over table, seemingly nonstop…


Handcrafted raspberry milkshake

Spaghetti with bacon and corn

Beef stew

Butter and rosemary rice

Chicken chop

Chocolate lava cake with ice cream

Oh god everything is to die for ok
I tried to pick a favourite but I just can’t

So I’m just gonna sit here wondering what I have done to deserve such sumptuous food

Saw the menu and one glass of this is already $9.90 so…

Also headed to PlayNation which was just right upstairs for our lifestyle story.

I look like I’m not wearing shorts -_-


While waiting for the bus home 🙂
Crazy tired but happy as well!

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