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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

TEP = Tying hair, Eating, Photobooth

Wanted to blog about the photoshoot but I’m too lazy to edit pics!! Anw other than the long hours and workload, I am actually enjoying school 🙂 though I do miss regular lessons but it’s nice to experience something different.

And I’m glad that the class is giving out a more positive vibe and (nearly) everyone is getting along better, growing up, learning, having fun together etc. It’s like we just wanna spend the final year of poly peacefully and cherish the remaining time we have. Personally I know I will definitely miss my schooling days in the future – all the good, bad, fun, and boring 🙂

On Monday, Nyna came to school bearing red velvet cupcakes that she baked yay!!! Because it’s one of her 12 boyfriends’ birthday (I said if like that means we can eat 12 times a year? :D) HAHA. But such a sweet gesture! :’) And so delicious!

Had lunch with Dian and after that we went to eat some more at the reception for the graduates hehehe 😀 the food looked so luxurious… but only some nice. I love the sotong and blueberry cheesecake!! Thank you VanGerMuz (is that what you call yourselves, A2?) for telling us about it! And we kept telling Muz that if someone asked what we outsiders are doing here, we just say that we are helping him hahaha.

But technically I filmed in the morning (only a bit for my upclose segment) also soooo 😀 anw I didn’t know graduation would be so pretigious that even we filming crew weren’t allowed to wear shorts. Had to swop bottoms with a classmate. Thankful for that, otherwise I can’t film.

Really great and happy day 😀 night too! Dad bought dinner home and spoiled us with loads of food (as usual) and then he went to buy Macs specially just to get the Hello Kitty for my mom :3

Filming at Yishun Park (as usual got people ask if we going to do Chomp Chomp HAHA) and everything was mooth-sailing so yay! Went to eat lunch at Northpoint’s BBQ Chicken because we had loads of time left 😀 All photos from Qiya’s phone!

My black pepper chicken steak with colesaw and mashed potato. We shared the cheese fries ($3 for a huge portion!) and then tried each other’s one too. Super nice though I think my chicken and mashed potato quite saltish.

“Just saying, my love for you guys as big as my love for exo.” – Nyna ❤

Luckily we all like to eat, fangirl and have fun. I really appreciate the fact that we can have awesome times like these and yet still be productive!! Kinda gotten so comfortable with things that I don’t really look forward to the stopover. Actually I am worried that new stopover = new conflicts but well.

Then today Nyna touched my heart even further by sharing macaroons that she bought!!
So yums. I think it’s coffee 😀 I call it “The Macaroon From Heaven”

Spent most of today filming the second round of auditions for NYPTV hosts. So grateful towards everyone who has been helping us out everytime we have filming in the studio, whether for host links or auditions!

Omg I am mortified. Was talking to the juniors then one of them suddenly asked me, “Are you the one in the video who click click click…” and at first I was like huh?? They said Azhar showed them the videos our batch did in Year 1, ICA1 and then I remembered which. Oh god.

It was the one I did with Nicole and Brandon about piracy and I posed as the interviewee (you aren’t supposed to). And I rambled about how the police raided my house and took my laptop hahaha wtf! If not for today, I wouldn’t even have remembered! I can’t believe they recognised me… then again, my face and hair all never change.

When the juniors left, they said to me, “Bye! Happy clicking!” omg.
Then the few of us started talking about all the past ICAs when all those who left (Mark Wee, Meyer, Ash, Juju) were still around. Omg too funny for words I swear. Good old days that you will look back upon and laugh at 🙂

Went running with my bro after school! Ate too much in school – bak chor mee, taiwan sausage, nuggets x5 (south canteen sells 5 for $1 only omg), packet of iced milo, cookies and cream milkshake hehe 😀 but the milkshake not even that nice… too much milk and too little oreos! That time I ordered cookies and cream crunch (precisely cos I don’t like milk) but they gave me chocolate instead?!?!?!

Managed 2 rounds without stopping this time! Self-satisfied 🙂 I saw this quote about how fitness is 80% mental and 20% physical and it really motivates me. Happy because I eat eat eat and play play play but don’t feel guilty ^^ does it make sense? Ha.

And then of course…


She always smack and spray water at me 🙁
Was talking about how I’m not independent at all and then Muz said he can tell. I was like ??? how you know ??? and he said because I always drag Darilene along with me to all those blog events. Hahaha but he’s right, I’m quite reliant on her as compared to the rest ^^ a lot of other things too, though the events it’s because the rest not available hahaha. I am not biased!!!

Left this out the other day!

I love the videos we took together with Hariz hahaha. Shan’t post here but they are on FB! So incredibly funny. We were like shaking our heads and swinging our arms all about to the webcam effects. Hariz sang and then after that he went, “WHY YOU ALL NEVER TELL ME MY VOICE IS ACTUALLY LIKE THAT” HAHAHAHA

I have some with Gerry but they are in the Mac. Miss her and our group lunches 🙁 don’t wanna go into detail but it was close to 3am when I heard the news and I started freaking out. Then she replied me at 3.15am but I was asleep already 🙁 Anw, takecare bb!

Oh and I’m happy today also because I was about to go for break with Dian and Darilene already, but had to do stuff last minute so I told them to go ahead first. They went out for like few seconds and then came back and said they’ll wait for me :’) LOL okay I’m very lame. But still, I felt warm and fuzzy all inside!’

Not much of an appearance from them on my blog these days because I haven’t finished editing photos.Doesn’t mean I don’t love them anymore :3 Some other photos from weeks back…

Vanessa and Darilene are my stylists hehehe 😀
Oh and one more thing is that some of my classmates say I look like Park Bom O_O so weird though!

And as for the photobooth part of my title, won’t be posting the pics due to privacy concerns (later everyone hate me for posting all the unglam shots how?) and time constraint. Though some I might!
But this is one of the best photobooth of me so far…

You know you love me,

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