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Had dinner with Darilene and Dian a few Wednesdays (1 August) back, and we tried this Japanese restaurant (Plaza Sing, Level 4, beside Ajisen), I think it’s called Kazokutei. Quite yummy, reasonable prices though the waiting time is always UGH. Been there 3x in total.

It might interest you (lol no) to know that my camera is totally spoilt so all the following photos were taken by other people’s phones T_T sob sob now I realise how I’ve been taking my camera for granted.

Darilene’s omu rice ($11.90)! The rice is in the egg, comes with a tofu hamburg, chicken, fries and soup. She didn’t like the hamburg and gave half to me. Also, hers came first and she waited for our orders to come so that we can start together till it turned cold :S Dian and I were picking at her fries the whole time hehe

Dian’s fried chicken set ($10.90) which comes with both rice and udon 🙂 Served with tofu and fried chicken (but we both have had better, like the one at Ramen Ten).

My tom yum seafood set ($14.90) which I really liked! 😀 comes with fried chicken, sushi and udon. At first I thought the udon was quite measly but I felt very full after finishing everything. All were quite good (other than fried chicken as mentioned) and the soup, though not spicy, tasted awesome. Though inside a bit of ingredients only.

Second time eating here was after watching The Bourne Legacy with the girls and Andre (10 August). Didn’t really understand the movie’s storyline or enjoy it very much though I like Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz. This led to me being half-hearted, then distracted, when I started using my phone to text, got called up about internship, blah blah…

On both of these occasions, we wanted to try the oreo ice cream sandwich from Carl’s Jr but the first time, it was sold out and second time, they stopped selling it! WHY WHY WHY T_T

Third time here was with my mom (13 August), after watching Dark Knight Rises (yes my second time).
That’s how I spent my uber long weekend 😉

The udon and rice is one set (forgot the names) and the chicken teriyaki ramen and gyoza is another 😀 the chicken in the udon was overcooked and very hard, ramen was too saltish and gyoza wasn’t crispy (maybe cos we waited too long for the other dishes to come) enough. Still nice and reasonably priced though!

Anyway we had time before the movie earlier on in the afternoon. Love how The Cathay at Dhoby Ghaut always has those mockups (??) you can take pictures with. Like the robot from Real Steel. And Johnny Depp (which I haven’t blogged about)!

The annoying thing is that they only gave me this stamp card on my third visit!! One stamp for every $20 spent and I remember we spent more than $80 in total for the second visit -_- so wasted. You can use it at any chain owned by the same company such as Ajisen too.

So much food on my blog hahaha 🙂

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