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A thrilling ride

Had a movie marathon with some classmates (Gerry/Darilene/Dian/Muz/Hariz/Mark) last Thursday and it turned out to be horror-themed, even though we didn’t plan for it to be that way. But I guess it was inevitable since at least 3 of us were hardcore horror fans, plus Muz brought a haul of DVDs and they were mostly horror.  Anw, it was scary, fun, and very memorable 😀

  1. Voice (2005)
    This was okay, I watched it before. It was still daylight and not everyone arrived yet.
  2. Quarantine (2008)
    Okay as well. This was the only movie all 7 of us watched together since not everyone stayed over. More like watching a comedy actually, because of the commentary from Mark and Hariz throughout. I got worried about rabies and my guinea pigs though -_-
  3. 23:59 (2011)
    Also okay, not very scary.
  4. A Perfect Getaway (2009)
    Favourite move ever, enough said :)))))) Also the only non-horror movie we watched. Muz watched The Hunger Games on the computer at the same time though.
  5. REC 2 (2009)
    This was really good and scary, especially with the infected suddenly appearing from ceilings above you. By then it was pretty late and we didn’t have the DVD so we watched it on the computer, which means the screen is so much nearer to us as compared to a television. I can see myself getting really scared if I watched it alone, in the dark, like I usually do. Just plain awesome. There’s this character we referred to as Zayn Malik the whole time due to the slight resemblance HAHAHA. My favourite part was when the cute reporter calls out “Pablo~~~!” and runs to him SO CUTE.

Guinea pig statues we passed while stocking up on snacks at NTUC which had me thinking about rabies again. Turned out I was right to feel unsettled about my guinea pigs because no one at home remembered to feed them grass at night, since it’s usually my job.

None of the movies really scared me, since I was watching with a big group of people. What’s scary was this PC game called Slender, which we tried playing before 3). Hence watching 4) because I said I needed a break.

Shit, it’s a game of really simple premises and yet it was terribly frightening because of the buildup and because you are playing it. There weren’t even any sudden pop-ups, all that happened was that the Slenderman comes into your line of vision from far away – which was the scary part.

So I was on the seat playing, with Hariz and Mark on either side of me. Found 3/8 pages, saw the Slenderman, we screamed, Hariz (who was at a corner) pushed me to get out and we 3 ended up scrambling away for dear life, scaring Gerry who was playing Dance Central with Muz. Then later it was Hariz’s turn to play and I screamed twice. Didn’t even want to look a the game again after that, not even when it was a YouTube video of someone completing the game.

Muz is fearless. He didn’t even flinch while playing the game!
That and he solo-ed Dance Central for more than an hour *clapclap*

Anw at about 6am+, it was just me and Gerry left while the guys went to rest, so we ended up watching PrankvsPrank which was hilarious. Then someone sleeptalked HAHAHA. About the light not being turned off. What light, we asked (there weren’t any other than the one from the PC which was away from him). Camera lights. Found footage films, anyone? 😉

Everyone had really funny… feedback.
Names hidden to protect the guilty, myself included 😛

“Did you all sleep?” “No, I was so cold…” “I was so scared…”
“I am not ‘children’ right?? Cos they said the Slenderman only comes for children.”
“Omg what was that did you hear?” “I think it’s just the dog.” “I’m still scared!!”
“Don’t dare put my legs outside the mattress in case something drags me away.”
“But I heard a scratching sound against the door just now.” “That was Mark’s dog.”
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck this shit.”
“Never again.”

Then we watched the first scene of The Dark Knight (where Joker robs the bank) on BluRay and went home at 9am+. Perfect timing for me to go look for my mom at the market, have brunch and do some grocery-shopping 🙂 I have missed that.

This is the first marathon where I have watched so many movies at one go (with loads of eating, Dance Central, Street Fighter, Slender in between), first one that’s horror-themed, first one with so many people. So if it’s not a thrilling and unique experience, I don’t know what it is 😀

(Am actually excited to see the last 2 REC films)

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