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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.


Sometimes I feel self-conscious about my choice of topic when blogging. Usually it’s who I blog about. Don’t want people to say I’m biased or have favourites because it’s not like that! Sometimes you are just in the mood and sometimes you are not. Sometimes certain days are simpler to blog about because they don’t have as many pictures to organise and edit. But at the same time, obviously you can’t help being closer to some people isn’t it?

Went out with Darilene today, love how I have a direct bus to where she stays ^^ manicure session at Subway yay. Last time she helped to do my nails was in the VO room. Wow, I think only the two of us are capable of that hahahaha. Then we took a bus down to Upper Thomson Road for dinner 😀

We both had the chicken chop ($5.50) from the same western stall I blogged about last time and shared a Mixed Basket ($4.50 – 4 onion rings & 4 nuggets) only to realise… TOO MUCH FRIES. And we both regretted like crazy not ordering the spaghetti instead -_- but at least the chops came with soup which was quite yummy.

The chicken and its suace was quite good. Coleslaw was weird. Have had better fries, rings and nuggets. I think putting the frozen ones in my house’s oven would taste better. Sigh… really should have stuck with the pasta, no?! That was really awesome and we wouldn’t have left the whole basket full of fries, untouched.

I blame the guy at one of the tables eating his chicken chop and making it look so good, hence changing our minds about ordering spaghetti. Anyway it was quite crowded being a Saturday night and from one glance, seems like western food was the most popular choice among the patrons.

Sat in Salted Caramel for ages waiting for everything to digest. Then we shared a triple scoop; 2x earl grey tea which is the best as usual and 1x raspberry sorbet which was very sour and contrasted greatly (not in a good way) with the earl grey. Boohoo all the wrong choices today BUT it’s okay because of awesome company 🙂

Anyway, I bought dinner back from Longhouse for my family then my dad came to fetch me 😀 the beef noodles ($4) wasn’t even the authentic, traditional one. Anyone can cook just noodles and beef. The chicken rice ($3.30) tasted very plain and they didn’t remove bones. NYP Koufu’s one is so much better! Chilli was not bad though. Hokkien mee ($4) was a little dry but quite nice, especially the chilli.

Prices are before adding in packaging and for the regular portions. I bought everything in the biggest portions and the beef noodles charged me $0.20 for packaging -_- this is not a very good food day… Honestly only the western stall’s prices are worth it. And even then, only the spaghetti is good.

Nevermind! I am determined to try all the stalls at Upper Thomson Road and review them on my blog so that you all know what’s good and what to avoid 😉

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