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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

All good things

Doesn’t even feel like that long has passed since I last updated. The days tend to blur in and honestly school gets rather trying sometimes. A lot of things have happened, both good and not so good, but I’m thankful for all the happy memories I do record down here that make life great 🙂 I have so many things to share actually!

  • 2 “class” outings which I’ll blog about separately
    I really really like these. Lively crowd that doesn’t consist of anyone that makes you wanna @#$%^?! lolol. Wish we would have more of such plans!
  • Completed napfa instead of giving up
    I actually planned to not make an effort because my period + cramps arrived on the exact same day -_- didn’t pass but it made me very happy that I didn’t give up. Self-satisfaction sort of thing. Also bought my lovely pink hard disk at a Challenger roadshow on the same day!

$109 for 500GB I think.
Thanks Dian for lending me her membership 😉

  • Struggled through the final days of production but I conquered it
    As usual, the temptation to simply give up was always lurking around but I surprised myself by working so hard in the last few weeks. Didn’t even go on the Internet at all in school o_o so happy when my group cleared production 😀 we even got an A. Although my (lack of) punctuality pulled my individual grade to a B+, I’m still happy to know that the hard work we put in is worth an A 😀

Two different groups but there is a certain closeness about slaving away at our row of Macs everyday. Experiencing the same woes and understanding each other’s grief. Definitely would not have made it through Production without these people, thanks for always having my back <3

  • Passed the SPH writing test
    According to our lecturers, nobody in the course has passed before but Andre, Brandon and I did 😀 this means a lot to me and the whole day I kept looking at the congratulatory email Mr Azhar sent HAHA. Though I got posted to the last department I ever wanted and the pay is peanuts, sigh 🙁 but nvm, gonna think positive and I might delete this portion after awhile. Just to be safe.
  • More or less done with print
    Love all the little trips with Qiya and Muz to do print stuff, photos another time! 😀 gonna print and submit the second issue soon since the coming week is the final week of TEP. Currently working on the awards ceremony 🙂

I am so gonna miss school… not even counting down the remaining days like everyone else because I don’t want to go out into the real world. The girls and I have already left our mark by spilling iced tea all over the carpeted floor in the VO room 😉 we then proceeded to soak it all up with toilet paper but Ms Ang found out the next day and we got the cleaner in hahahaha.

Anw, thank you everyone of you who has been awesome and kind to me, especially when I had a rough day ^_^ I don’t say it, but I do remember even if it’s a nice little remark, gesture or form of support ❤

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