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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Food again

Watched The Avengers with the girls and Hariz two weeks ago!

“I like big Boosts and I cannot lie” (x)
Really love Boost because it’s so refreshing!! I love Skinny Minnie Melon and Citrus Crush 🙂
Anw mine was the first cup and I was desperately trying to suck the juice up so that you can see it in the straw like the other cups. Sigh, obviously didn’t work.

Hariz bought the combo and gave the cup to Darilene.
At first it was another character but she went to change to Captain America hahaha

Went to eat at Just Acia and the rest is history…

The Avengers is probably the only movie that lived up to the expectations I have from hearing people rave about it everywhere, online and offline. Turned down at least 5 invitations to watch it with other people because I was adamant about not watching it more than once and I made plans with the girls to watch it even before the movie was released 😀

When I have plans with people, even if they are still tentative, I always keep to you unless I actually don’t want to go out with you at all HAHA. Okay la nothing much to say. Mood is too meh to blog properly these 2 days. All I wanna do is read and watch movies actually. Feel like I’m losing interest in Tumblr too but I’ll elaborate another time.

So boring, read so many books and watch so many films but no one to discuss them with most of the time.

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