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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

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Omg yes I actually went running today… did one round around the school (CCHYS) under my block and then walked another round. Okay don’t judge me, I know I’m very unfit! The last time I went running was actually at least 2 years ago -_- slowly, slowly.

Been wanting to go running for quite long already (used to like it back in secondary school) but today is the day I finally had enough resolve to get off my lazy ass and actually do something. Wanna get rid of my round face and tummy fat!! Hariz said I have puffy cheeks like my guinea pigs hahaha [not offended because it’s a fact my face is round]

And yes I took that obligatory awful “scenery” photo above because I remembered my tweet and had inspiration for a blog post! 😀

Qiya and I ran off to eat waffles (had a craving because I heard Mark say the word) in the afternoon hehe 😀

*can’t decide whether to go Macs or South Canteen*
*decides on South, can’t decide what to eat because we feel like eating everything*
*decides to buy waffles first and see how*
*can’t decide to buy waffles with fillings or with ice cream*
*I can’t decide between cookies and cream ice cream or butter filling*
*she can’t decide between chocolate or blueberry filling*
*she changes her mind to ice cream but can’t decide between yam or mint*
*finally start to eat our waffles*

Me: Wow I’m quite full actually. So filling.
Her: Ya same.

*about to leave canteen*

Her: Actually I feel like eating cup corn… and pancakes.
Me: Omg me too. I feel like eating nuggets and taiwan sausage.
Her: Shall we???
Me: You want???

*repeat one or two more times*
*let’s do it*
*she buys a red bean pancake and I buy a taiwan sausage*
*starts walking back to media hub*
*spazzing over almost-finished food*

Her: Actually I can still eat one more.
Me: … Omg me too.

We are terrible… terribly happy people! 😀
Love it when I’m with people who don’t make me feel self-conscious about eating!!

Oh god, life ❤ 🙂

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