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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Too long to tweet

Thankful for my production team mates 🙂 We fangirl, go chomp chomp, tumblr, etc etc and yet still manage to make good progress in terms of work. And there’s always the added bonus of how we have an Attendance Manager (Qiya), Hard Disk Manager (Nyna) and Equipment Manager in the group which makes things a lot more convenient 😀

Shall blog about our Chomp Chomp experiences (a lot of nice photos yay) another time! I wanted to tweet about the different things that happened today but I don’t want to spam Twitter so…

I love how I can unload all the feelings I have from a book/film on Nyna!!! #TheChosenOne Because she doesn’t mind spoilers and can tolerate the scary/gory stuff that I always watch hahaha.

Was talking to her about The Ruins today and she watched the movie trailer but I refused to tell her who the enemy was. She said that she’ll make me tell her by the end of the day. I controlled myself all the way…. till 4pm. And she didn’t even do anything to make me spill! I was reading the book on my laptop and just had to talk about it with someone.

It’s hard to imagine a book about killer plants being so good and suspenseful but it is!

I have also her gotten hooked on Battle Royale’s novel yay 😀 today she came into class exclaiming that she loves Kazuo aka the most psychotic person in the story and we both started screaming and jumping around because I thought I was the only one! Can’t wait till she finishes this and The Ruins hehehehe

Also, I need to stop showing people in class the deformed corpse in the manga and letting them read the paragraph in the book that describes it. But sharing is caring right :’)

Anw, we covered one story at noon, and planned to start another after lunch. In the end, they ended up watching EXO-K videos till 6pm and I was secretly glad and even stayed the extra 30 minutes just because I wanted to read my book LOL what even. Also… historical moment because I started dancing to the videos with them. To KPOP!!!!

Soon meme

First was learning all their names. Second was identifying their faces. Third was saying one of them is good-looking. I am now at the dancing stage omg -_-  What will become of me by the end of the stopover?! Nvm, we are pretty even because I can’t shut up about TVD and books and movies also :’D

Pretty sure we are the group that makes the most noise in class HAHA

The one who took the picture is out of frame ahahaha
I am so happy we all get along and are discovering all the many things we have in common #fuckyeahcoffee

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