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Emotionally invested

You don’t see what I see. It’s not just that she makes him a better person. She does, but, he changes her too. Damon challenges her, surprises her. He makes her question her life, beliefs. Stefan is different. His love is pure and he’ll always be good for her. Damon is either the best thing for her or the worst.

— Rose in 3×19

Kristen Bell

Oh god I cried thrice in yesterday’s episode and I cried the hardest during this scene. Not that they were super sad scenes, just very emotionally powerful. And ugh Rose couldn’t have said it better. She was the only one that actually really understood and saw through him. I would consider Elena and Alaric his friends too but sometimes they just disappoint me.

Perhaps it’s ridiculous. But just browsing through the Delena tag on my TVD blog gives me so many feelings. I groan and moan at all the beautiful gifs and quotes asdfghjkly. Watching fanvids, no matter how many times, makes me feel overwhelmed and wanna cry. Watching them on the show is feeling like the happiest person ever, only to have your heart ripped out, spat on, trampled upon, and then shoved back up into your ass. Does that make sense?? I just have so many different feelings about them ;_;


Honestly speaking, I have had a lot of doubts with the show ever since 3×09.

  • I’m so bored of the killing Originals and Alaric’s alter ego storylines.
  • It has gotten to a point whereby I don’t mind Klaus and Kol dying
  • Elijah and Katherine need to get back
  • Super love Rebekah and I just want her to be happy and loved
  • Same goes for Matt so I actually don’t mind them as long as she doesn’t hurt him
  • It just occurred to me that Matt x Caroline is romantically over for good and that pains me
  • Sage and Finn were good while it lasted but sucks for you being mere plot devices
  • Rose found peace, yes I agree, but I cannot accept that it was the same for Jenna
  • As long she doesn’t get the closure she deserves, I’ll never get over her death
  • The show is doing a terrible job with the love triangles and everyone is inconsistent

The show’s biggest problem is that they try to please every shipper and end up pleasing no one. Everything used to be so natural but now I find them purposefully trying to add Stelena and Delena scenes just to make us happy. And in the midst of doing that, they are ruining characters by making them inconsistent.

Not that I mind seeing Delena because Season 3 is full of them being epic but ugh. 3×14 had a dance  but it was one of the worst episodes ever. More crappy original vamps storyline and the trio being super flawed and annoying. I get that the writers know how popular the Miss Mystic Falls dance was and want to take advantage of that but seriously??!?! You really wanna compare 1×19 and 3×14?!

And admit it – 3×07 was pointless and redundant since Lexi never helped Stefan, Mason never even got to see Tyler, Gramps never destroyed the necklace, Anna and Jeremy never straightened things out. I just don’t mind so much since I did really love the episode and seeing all the old characters again plus the ending made me cry really hard.

Still, nothing is perfect and TVD is still my favourite TV show and will be for a long time and I will always choose Delena.

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