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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Some kind of wonderful

Having pretty awesome weeks!! 🙂 The one good thing about TEP is that I sleep earlier (1, 2am+) and wake up at 8am for school. It feels a lot more refreshed as compared to sleeping at 5am and waking up at 3pm?!?!?! Happier these days too 😀

[above paragraph does not apply to this week because I’ve been sleeping late again and feeling so tired everyday why]

Also I realised ever since I mastered the fine art of fangirling, my sentences are all long and stringed together into one whole shot like this and I use a lot of “and”s instead of proper punctuation too like I’m spazzing even when’s there’s nothing to spazz about but idc.

I am blogging/sharing/talking which is different from writing and I wouldn’t even consider writing scripts and articles like what we do in school writing.

13/4 (Friday)

Barely did anything actually :S It’s Friday and I’m already in a weekend mood!! Nyna tried teaching me to fold hearts and I was like, “This is why (I never mastered origami)”. Hiya the only thing I can fold is the boat and my planes can never fly. The above were all folded by her except 1 pink one LOL

12/4 (Thursday)

This day marks the exact date I met the girls. Honestly I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since we met! Can you?! Wow, it’s truly amazing. Darilene even remembered what all of us wore. She said her first impression of me was that I was super quiet HAHAHAHA I bet that’s changed!

Seriously I just feel so incredulous! It really doesn’t feel like 2 years of sitting down at lunch together in school and bonding over food ;_; Reminisced over orientation times with them that day and it made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Times flies too fast omg.


Yesterday (as in 16/4) we were looking at this picture and someone brought up how the 4 of us were standing together (2 by 2) and Juju was a bit on the outside. It’s like this freaky foreshadowing on how she ended up leaving NYP and the 4 of us, who barely talked to one another then, ended up being such close friends!

Just like how the first thing I ever said to Darilene was a compliment on her nails and now she is always helping me do my nails 😀 😀 😀

I mean, they were the first few people I got acquainted with from the class even though I didn’t talk to them much. Pretty sure at that time everyone stood next to whoever they got acquainted with and subsequently formed cliques with. But the 4 of us are like the only ones still together and more than just a clique. We are actually… friends 😀 #humblebrag

Has got to be my biggest achievement in NYP. Nvm that I’m not the most smart/talented/pretty/popular person in class. I have the best friends and they make me happy 🙂

Went filming with my group (Nyna and Qiya) at Haji Lane in the afternoon. And it’s obvious that I’m not keen on production but I tried to be positive anyway. I exclaimed, “It’s a nice day!” while leaving school and hoped that I still felt the same when we returned. And I did! 😀

We filmed a cafe called “Ice Cream Man” and it’s this snug, cosy place that serves ice cream and belgian waffles. Everything went pretty well. 2 interviewees were planted but we there were a few more customers who let us interview them. And they were all outspoken/natural/cam-genic!!

The store owners were so nice omg ;_; Felt like we were disrupting their business and imposing on them! And best part was they let us have their ice cream and waffles on the house. We offered to pay but they declined!

Durian/chocolate/chicken biscuit ice cream and waffles with maple syrup and chocolate sauce!
I was wondering what have I done to deserve such good food for free omg. Nyna said she wanted to cry.

~~~*floating to heaven*~~~
Oh god I can’t ok.

This is from Qiya’s iPhone and it’s so flattering hahaha.

Durian has durian bits in it and tastes so authentic, chocolate has perfect amount of bitter and sweet, chicken biscuits is salty and tastes like… biscuits. 3 different, distinct flavours 😀 hopefully I can post the video here once we finish editing and it’s all approved! 😀

Returned to school and everyone already left except Ms Yow. She was yada yada NAPHA/GSM yada yada and just as we were all leaving, she went, “Oh the Accounting lecturers liked your video. They were impressed and said it was better than last year” etc and the 3 of us squealed all the way home.

SO HAPPY THOUGH it’s like all the hard work’s been worth it. Ms Ang made us edit so many times and everytime she points out something that is not good enough, I’m like –

That and I have been fangirling a lot with Nyna (aka class biggest fangirl) and we have been so loud and I don’t feel ridiculous going crazy in front of/with her because she’s even louder and fangirly ahahaha. Mainly over TVD and the shippability that is Caroline 😀

To top off this already fantastic day, I also finally collected the leopard print clutch (I’ve always wanted one!!) that I won in a blogshop giveaway! 😀 Super happy because there were 4 apparels to be given away but the fifth winner can choose anything they like from the store and I happened to be the fifth winner! 😀

[item] [store] [facebook]

Tiring but fulfiling day! One of the best I’ve had ever since TEP started 🙂
Such a perfect day that I was wondering what the catch to it was haha.

11/4 (Wednesday)

Shit day whereby I got shit annoyed by everything and eyes were shit uncomfortable the whole day because I wore my contact lenses on the wrong side. I wish I can stop being so shit sensitive at every little thing sometimes -_- only thing not too shit is my dressing.

  • Leather jacket $2 (flea)
  • Pink striped dress $2 (flea)
  • Pink clutch/sling bag $16 (flea)
  • Nude boots $14 (FEP)

Love all the 4 items above!! 😀 the boots and bag are brand new. I have more camwhore shots but I’ll post them another time. Extreme facepalm because I spent $25 on a leather jacket last time but it doesn’t even fit as nicely as this one. Well it had a hood but not like I ever wear right 🙁

Thank you Jiamin for complimenting my boots, it made me happy hehehe ^^ actually I have another post talking about these boots but also haven’t post oh well.

Met up with a few friends for dinner! Wanted to eat the Sakae buffet for for dinner it’s only available at all the deserted places wtf what kind of insincere promotion is this. Very purposely can… I can’t eat buffet lunch on weekdays (cheapest ^^) anymore because of TEP :'(

What I ate LOLJK more like what I picked out and did not eat

Not bad actually. But I want my freaking all-you-can-gorge buffet!!!
Steamed chawanmushi, sushi with all sorts of toppings, soba, seasoned baby octopus, sashimi and salmon etc etc y u like that?!

10/4 (Tuesday)

Nothing much other being unusually childish with the girls. I think TEP makes us cranky. I used Darilene’s email account and sent hate mail to Geraldine and Dian [Subject: BITCHES] [Message: U SUX!!!!111] LOL?!

I feel like people are #judgingus and mentally rolling their eyes hahaha but I don’t care because YOLO! Also I have been influenced by Geraldine such that whenever we part ways (Dian & Darilene one way, Gerry & I another way), we go “Bye Dian~~~” and purposely ignore Darilene hahahaha so funny 😀

Also I was watching a movie and browsing blogshops till 4am the previous day despite being very tired. So on the way to school that morning, I said to myself, “I promise you, I will never sleep at 4am again” which is a TVD reference and I told Dian who got it hahahahaha don’t you think I’m hilarious (no).

I promise you

8/4 (Sunday)

Planned to eat out with the fam and my dad said he’ll come back to fetch us at 7pm+. I was on my parents’ bed watching movies on my laptop the whole day and I didn’t even realise it was 6.50pm when I stopped and freaked out because I haven’t even bathed. By the time I was about to start showering, my dad called and said to come downstairs in 5 minutes -_- geeez.

7/4 (Saturday)

Another best day ever!!! 😀
Spent the day with mom and it was a bit impromptu. She’s been wanting to check out the Scape flea for awhile so I googled and there was the big-scale one AND a Mitju warehouse sale so YAY! 😀

So crowded everywhere though! And we had to queue for the Mitju sale because they only let a few people in every few minutes (crowd control but still a lot of people). Mainly shoes and also bags/belts/sunglasses/necklaces.

Bought loads of stuff and mom paid for everything! The 2 bags plastered with a “SALE” are shoes from the warehouse sale, the rest are clothes (all costing $1 and $2 only asdasdjkyzy) and I bought my mom the the striped bag on the right 😀

Had such immense fun! Mom and I took turns digging for stuff at the flea and she helped to picked out what I think I might like and then we slowly chose together. And she let me buy anything that caught my eye because everything is so cheap! The leather jacket and pink dress mentioned above are from here too 😀

Does this look familiar? Remember I mentioned buying a silver pair that looked exactly like this for $22? I got this for only $8 at the warehouse sale wtf facepalm again. This is the dark gray one, it also came in pink and gold but not as nice. The original price was $29.90 though.

Anw, I saw a badly-dressed woman wearing the exact same silver pair I have at Khatib after I left the house. Khatib!! Not even town or something!! I THOUGHT THAT FOR A PAIR OF SHOES COSTING $22 IT SHOULD AT LEAST BE UNIQUE. To me, anyway. Actually when I bought mine, the shopkeeper told me it was the last pair sooo.


Blurred but too lazy to retake

$8 also!!! 😀 wow I love bows. Like you couldn’t already tell. Didn’t really look at the other shoes but all super nice also. Love mine the most though 😀 so pleased. Huge variety plus their service was good too 😀

I accidentally got 2 right feet for the gray flats and only realised it at the cashier. The staff went all the way back down to the far end to get me the left side LOL. And came back with the correct color/size/side/quality (I got the wrong side cos I was trying to pick a perfect-looking one for both sides so I kept switching here & there #fail).

Treated mom to GongCha and Dad came almost immediately to fetch us, then we went for dinner at grandma’s place! 😀 Perfect day is perfect and I can definitely do more with such days 🙂

I just love spending time with the people I love and that includes myself hahaha 😀 by myself I meant something like watching a movie online or reading etc? And because I have so many happy things to talk about, this is only part 1/3 hehehe bye! ❤

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