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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Thrice upon a dumb bitch

Was planning to have a lazy day in yesterday but then Darilene texted to ask if I was free because she wanted to check out this ohsofickle sale. Being me, I couldn’t help myself (what’s new?) and she was like, “I’m so excited lololol” despite the heavy downpour HAHA. Sometimes I think we are too spontaneous for our own good 😀

Gosh, I went to Haji Lane on Thursday for filming and I couldn’t remember the way there anymore even though it’s been only what, 2 days?! And I even led us in the wrong direction ooops. I have such poor memory and shit sense of direction wtf.

Very terrible coordination also. I can’t smile properly if I have to press the camera oh god. Had such a laugh over it. Just like how she always taunts me for not being able to raise my fourth finger with ease, unless I press my middle finger and pinky down with my thumb 🙁

Anw, the sale was super disappointing because there was hardly anything. So we cabbed to FEP where there was nothing to buy also T_T had chicken rice for dinner but it’s not even as good as NYP Koufu’s but costed almost double!

Managed to resist this silver bow that I will never wear hahaha

Was saying how amazing it would be if we both bought nothing today but dun dun dun… spent money at Diva where there was a good sale! 😀 then we bought shoes together at Rubi. Waaaah I brought $52 but in the end I was only left with $4 what is this T_T  Actually I think I spent a lot on food also.

  • Chicken rice
  • Iced yuanyang
  • Mango snow ice dessert
  • Cookies ‘n’ Cream milkshake

Actually everything except the chicken rice was orgasmic. No wonder my face is so round all the time.

Shared this with Darilene. It was also here that she had an epic I-lost-my-phone scare omg I will never let her live this down muahahaha. Went something like this:

Her: *digging in bag*
Her: I think someone picked it just now, a lot of people bumped into me!

Me: *calling her using my phone*
Her: *digging some more*
Me: *calling some more*
Her: *eating the dessert woefully*
Her: Can I use your phone to call my mom? *sian voice*
Me: Ok *still in the midst of calling*
Her: *holds up bag* Can you help me listen if there’s anything?
Her: *digs some more and digs phone out from hole in bag*
Her: You know what I was thinking? That I might actually finally get a new phone.


Everything cookies and cream is good.
Cookies and cream is god.

Shitty quality because I used my phone’s front camera. Lazy to use my digicam plus I finally started using the photo apps I downloaded ages ago and I wanna try out all the diverse and pretty range of filters! But I haven’t downloaded Instagram… should I?

When I got home, I told my parents that I waited for more than 30 minutes for the bus all because I was too lazy to walk home from Khatib. They said that I could have alighted at Khatib anyway and boarded the bus from there since the bus changed its route months back. And they kept laughing at me for being silly so I went “STOP IT LA” pfffttt. Okay but it was funny, I have to admit.

dumb bitch meme

The three times: Coordination/direction, phone scare, and this.
It’s okay, we had a good time laughing at ourselves 😉

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