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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

I miss you…


Who remembers this camera that I used to use hands up?!?!?!


 I have more pictures from the same dates but I just wanted to put all the photos we took together into one post 🙂 I think we went out more than these but I can’t remember… actually not a lot anw because our school schedules are always clashing ;_; everyday I still wish we were classmates because the years we were classmates were the best schooling years of my life!

I think one of the nicest things YY has done for me (also one of my favourite memories) was when we had a Science Test in Sec 2 and then everything was all balancing chemical equations and she was brilliant at Science – the complete opposite of me. At that time I couldn’t do chemical equations at all -_-

Anw we were sitting somewhere around the back corner. Tables were separated in the exam format, you know? First page of the test was MCQ and I already don’t know how to do so YY wrote the answers (A, B, C or D) big big on her own paper for me to see and then erase off.

But it’s tedious plus next page all open ended questions… I don’t know how we managed to communicate being one space apart but somehow we swiftly exchanged papers (she was already done with hers) when the teacher wasn’t looking and she did my paper for me!

NEAT HUH. My most blatant act of cheating ever.
Got a very high score on that test ahahaha and I got a pretty good grade that semester for Science thanks to that test! 😀 Such an unselfish act. She was that sort of friend :’) Don’t think YY even minded though I forgot who was the one who suggested it. Guess we had a really strong “understanding” between us at that time! I will never forget this incident!! *_*

Actually I cheated a bit with the girls before. Like secretly whisper answers but I think all GSMs only. Except the Business Law test I failed. There were 2 different papers to prevent cheating right? I exchanged my paper with Dian hahahaha because we both don’t know how to do each other’s paper. Yeah I failed anw LOL so bite me. Dian said I should have asked her! But nevermind, I’m happy enough just hearing that already ^^

Miss all my old friends actually… haven’t seen them for quite awhile 🙁
And yes I am cringing at how I look in these old pics but eh.


* from her iPhone editor

True friends are hard to come by and I truly do value all these people in my life, “old” or “new” 🙂 ❤ People who will go out of the way to do things for you even though they don’t have to, stuff like that, you know?

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