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You buy, I buy

Woah I didn’t even notice that I haven’t posted here in a week!! Time passes too quickly… actually I haven’t gotten up to much other than watching movies and feeling utterly meh. Simple update today 🙂

9 March (Friday)

Supposed to go out as a whole group but in the end it was just Darilene and I…
Went to watch This Means War, have a late lunch, shopping (lol I’m looking at you Lerms) and chilled at Starbucks! ❤

I can’t decide how much to rate This Means War but it would be hovering around 8ish? Not gonna lie, I enjoyed every bit of it and it was well-worth the money. Very funny and entertaining but too predictable and definitely not perfect.

Firstly, I wished they had focused more on the action part of the movie or else just leave it out altogether (though it would become very boring). The 2 guys abused/wasted their job resources on romance rather than actually work. So their job isn’t a job but an intentional plot device to move the storyline along and I dislike that.

Secondly, the characters lack depth. I don’t even want to get started on how the female lead fell in love with the male lead anyway, despite how he showed her the fake side of himself in his attempts to woo her. The film didn’t convince me that she fell for who he really is and not who he pretended to be. And yes, it was obvious who would end up with who after all the characters made their first appearance.

I wanted to say “chilling after a long day of shopping” but then I realised we spent less than an hour and all our cash at flea lololol. And there weren’t even many stores! I just love sitting down at Starbucks and chatting over a cup of coffee okay. And she helped me to apply nail polish 😀

Starbucks has a wonderful ambience, good service, smells awesome, tastes even more awesome
BUT IS SO EXPENSIVE #firstworldpains

Frothy goodness of hot chocolate

Java chip frappe ♡

Lazy to take pictures but I bought 2 dresses, 1 envelope clutch (hotpink!) and 1 nail polish (China Glaze’s Icicle) 😀 Darilene indulged in everything related to nails again (even though in my last post!!) hahahaha. Icicle is a solid silver and mine happened to run out already. I know I just bought Silver Lining not long ago but that’s a glitter base so it’s different okay… /excuses

Darilene bought a red envelope clutch too. Actually I only got mine because she was also getting one hehehe. More fun to buy things together plus more possible to get discounts 😀

I think I kinda have this expression on when I told her, “I’ll buy if you buy” and deep down in both our hearts we already know that we will be getting it when we first set eyes on the clutches HAHA 😀

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