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Confessions of a shopaholic

Went flea shopping with the girls on 4 November (Friday) and 12 November (Saturday) 😀
Actually I did a haul video but ugh I hate it because I sound/look so awkward plus the quality sucks so you’ll see just unedited screencaps.

The first time was quite a bad day for all of us. Gerry couldnt make it, drizzling so we had to cab from school, everyone was feeling dead and meh from morning lessons, reached to find that majority of the stalls weren’t open due to an event and the stage took up the whole space. Opted to watch a movie as an alternative but uber looooong queue at the counter @#$%^&?!*

Bought best fries forever and I forgot that our movie tickets already allowed us to claim a small coke so I bought the set of fries with a drink and ended up drinking my coke and putting the other drink in my bag and by the end of the movie half the drink spilled out into the plastic bag already but thank goodness it didn’t reach my bag so I threw away the whole drink HAIZ ANNOYING :@ !!!

Anyway, I swear that was a glorious period of good movies screening in theatres. Midnight In Paris, Paranormal Activity 3, Drive, The Ides Of March, In Time, etc. As in all I wanted to see, especially the first two. In the end I didn’t get to watch any of them in theatres!! I still haven’t watched PA (special reasons), Drive and Ides Of March (both have Ryan Gosling) booo 🙁

So we settled for In Time which turned out to be really good!

Gifset that I made from the trailer after watching the movie [x]

Feel like watching this again… About an 8.5/10? It’s really nice and exciting and intense but I don’t really fancy the ending (and the concept of the ending). One part was super sad and I watched it with bated breath asdfghjkly why. The whole film was a remarkable metaphor of what happens in real life – poor people, rich people and the government.

  • I found it stupid that the 2 main characters broke into the bank and distributed the time to everyone. Ugh why do they not see that there is a reason this massive amount of time was kept aside? Why did they have to upset the balance?!?!? What happens when people abuse all the extra time they have instead of working for it and what will happen when all these time runs out?
  • Didn’t like that the timekeeper died ;~;

I love all the characters in the movie even the villian played by Alex Pettyfer. I actually liked Amanda Seyfried in this movie. I hated her characters in Red Riding Hood, Dear John (super hate these 2 films as well) and Jennifer’s Body. Which means that of every character I have seen her play, I hated them all other than In Time and Mean Girls. Been wanting to watch Letters To Juliet though…


Anw bought some things:

  • Toga top $5
  • Best Dress Ever $10 $8
  • Black fringe bag $16 $13
  • Accessories

It’s made up of the silky/satin felt kind of material, stretchable back, has pockets on both sides and is BRAND NEW. Best thing is that it looks flattering on me muahahaha can’t believe I got it at $8 (after bargaining)!!!!

You might have seen me carrying this bag in other pictures… not *that* cheap but then it’s worth it because it has one short strap and one long strap so it can carry it in more than one ways! On shoulder, in hand, as sling bag etc 😀 In my video, I said, “I need a black bag anyway” so yessss.

Even more ways to carry since you can choose whether to fold it down or not. See the 2 pairs of chains for you to hook the straps? So it means even the size is flexible hehe. I just took these photos like today (yes 8/3) so it looks a bit worn out already…

Second time we went, all 4 of us, it was drizzling too. But at least there were shitload of stalls! 😀
Bought even more stuff omg why:

  • Light pink striped romper $5 $3
  • 3 tops and 2 tank tops that I haven’t worn?
  • Silver DKNY bag $20
  • Accessories

Looks good when matched with the right stuff 😀

I love the heart prints and the layered sleeves but it is too big…

(Haven’t unsealed the handles)
Not very cheap but I just couldn’t resist 😀 Haven’t used it either.

There are a lot more accessories but I can’t be arsed to show everything

Gerry and Darilene bought alot of nail polish!!! All theirs @ $10 each. Nail polish junkies!!!
Darilene painted the grey glitter one for me before… super nice!!! Suitable for end of year because it has the winter feel 😀 granted that there’s no winter or snow here but well… #whywecanthavenicethings

Them being adorable 😀

Nails done by Darilene from another day 😀

Twitter ring that I just bought! Out of so many stalls selling accessories, only one had the Twitter one. The rest were all Facebook, YouTube etc. Where is Tumblr???

Dinner ~~~

This is the toga top that I bought the previous week as mentioned earlier. When it first caught my eye, I asked Darilene to guess the price (to gauge its worth) and she said $10, but it’s worth about $7, then I told her it’s $5 and she was like, “Buy!!!!” and I was like “Buying!!!”

You can probably tell that the background is not smooth because I blurred it in photoshop. Lazy to be detailed though. Lazy to use any other mode on my camera other than auto-everything also lololol. How come everything in photoshop is manageable but I just cant liquify??????

Going for another round tomorrow with the girls lololol
Please let there be shitload of stalls and there be good weather!!!!

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