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Fight for me. That’s all I ever wanted.

Hugh Jackman Real Steel Real Steel Hugh Jackman


Got invites to the premiere of Real Steel (28 September 2011) so I went with mom! ^^ That was a glorious period of constant free movies be it invites or winning tickets hahaha. I have been so busy this year that I didn’t take part in anything and declined every invite because of clashing dates :'(

Booo hair color y u no stay like this?
Hiya the only thing that never change is my round face

Booo camwhore shots y u no always look this good?

Loved the movie! I would give it around 8.5/10. A bit draggy in the front and the characters were being annoying but it got better. Awesome fighting scenes! I love the father-son relationship and how they are similar in soooo many ways and the boy is so freaking cute 😀 The scene above made me tear ugh.

Atom (robot in the film) at the entrance of The Cathay!
I know it looks small like a toy robot here hahaha.

Went to meet Jamie at Astons for dinner after that! She reached early and ended up waiting for us for over an hour :S plus the movie was longer than average (127 minutes) and being a premiere, we had to surrender all electronic devices before entering the theatre so we were unreachable the whole time! Ooops.

Ordered loads of stuff to share!
Steak, all the different kinds of chicken, spaghetti, etc 😀

ma mère ♡

Sigh camera y u sometimes take such nice shots but sometimes everything is blurred or make people look fugly??? Thinking of getting a new one but it’s like a waste of money. And if I get a dslr, not only is it expensive but I don’t have the skills or need for it. I mean.. I’m just someone who blogs for fun right.

Well anw, had a good time!! 😀
I still have like one more film invite event to do I think… hehe

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  • Hai there just finished catching up on your blog :D, just to make note… you dont need to worry about your face not changing cause it looks great 😀 hope your doing well

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