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I love free things

Okay another freaking overdue post. Fright Night from last month and Tron Legacy 3D from last year 😀
Won tickets to both of them through a RT giveaway on Twitter. Compared to people who had to blog about it as a contest, all I did was just a couple of clicks. Because I’m awesome like that muahaha 8)

19 September (Monday)

Had just woken up and was lying in bed reading tweets when I saw @ChurpSG tweeting about the giveaway! Decided to try my luck and just RT even though it said “2 hours ago” and well well well 😉

Wanted to go with my mom but she doesn’t like horror and told me to ask my brother instead. Called him and I could hear him squealing over the phone when I was about to hang up?! Confirm bragging to his friends about getting to watch free movie. Confirm!! At first he was worried that he couldn’t enter because it was NC16 but I assured him that they don’t check the age because it’s not like we are buying the tickets.

After the movie he was so happy about sneaking in to his first NC16 movie that he announced it on Facebook through a check-in, tagged me, and then wouldn’t stop telling me about how “so many people liked his status” and how badass he felt. LOL sigh little brothers hahahaha

Fright Night

As I’ve said before, it was really good! Every part of the film was interesting and I loved it from start to end. Shan’t repeat what I have already mentioned in an earlier entry soooo. Went for dinner together with bro at Astons after that! I am so naize because I footed the bill instead of splitting it with him.

Spaghetti is mine and double up chicken is his, but we exchanged a bit with each other 😀 feels as if I keep eating Astons whenever I go to The Cathay but it’s nice + cheap + there’s not much else to eat there.

Mmm mmm sooo glorious. And no wonder my face just keeps getting rounder.

Look at how photogenic that glass of gloriousness is *_*

Lovely day!
Geez at that time I still had like a month before school started…

So nice of them right :’)

13 December 2010 (Monday)

Was in school having tutorial and it just so happened that I was cyberloafing on Tweetdeck and @NuffnangSG tweeted that they were giving away Tron Legacy tickets to the first 5 who RTed their tweet. Just 5!!!! And I happened to be one of them!! I remember that I was so excited hahaha.

Went with Darilene because she told me that she retweeted too, so the moment I saw the above tweet I automatically asked her if she wanted to go 😀 hehehe. This is why reasons to cyberloaf will forever outweight reasons to pay attention in class ~

Actually I didn’t really pay attention to the movie because I dozed off and all I remember was twitching violently awake LOL which startled Darilene. Look at how tired I was from school despite it being only Monday… fancy falling asleep in 3D glasses. The effects were really pretty though! Lights and all 😀 but wearing the glasses gave my head this achy feeling ugh.

People dressing as up Tron characters in the lobby.
Oh and we had to surrender all our electronic devices because it was a premiere and there was security checking everybody’s bags before we entered the theatres but Darilene and I managed to sneak our devices in without getting caught 😀 and we sneaked something else out too, as you’ll see later…

*feeling special everytime it states $0.00 on my ticket*
*feeling double special knowing that I watched a film before its official release date and majority of people*

I can see why I needed a nap in the theatre -_-

By the time I blog about a movie, it will no longer be screening in cinemas HAHA. Well, this is a personal blog and not a review site. #dealwithit I still have Real Steel, Mural and Shark Night to go 🙂
Oh and last but not least…

Few days before winning tickets to Tron, I won Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! 😀
For a week (I think? Or 5 days) they would pick 10 random winners and as usual I was cyberloafing and tada! 🙂
I think some people undid their retweet because I checked when I won, and it said 100+ retweets (all the screencaps I just did today LOL) but well anyway, I am one lucky bitch. All I did was the thing I’m best at (slacking/tweeting) and I have movie tickets and ice cream!! Wheee 😀

From the watermark you can guess how long ago I took the picture and edited it.
I remember going to the outlet at The Cathay (again), picking A Cookie Affair and some coffee flavour, sitting down and enjoying it all by myself 😀 Muahahaha life is good.


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